Friday, August 23, 2013


Is it safe to say I'm obsessed with hair bows? I LOVE how playful and pretty they are. Whoever said bows are for little girls just missed the mark. Totally. 

Big girl bows are super fun. You should try them.
Adorable. My favorite is the seersucker light blue with red monogram. But I wear the black one more because it is an easy match. Black goes with everything. I want a white bow, but can't decide what color monogram. Soo, I don't have one yet. So sad.

You can get these pretty little accessories at Add one of every color to your cart and thank me for it!

Here's a few off topic family photos from tonight's pool venture:

Happy weekend! Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who loves Max?

After a long day at work, my afternoon was easily the best part of my day! My mother-in-law took 2 loads of laundry to her house for me (my laundry room is in the basement, bum knee + stairs = mother-in-law doing my laundry). My mom was keeping my nephew for a little while and he always makes me feel better. 
We road on the golf course. Our little man was a bit too short for the photo! 
Nana pushed him in the swing! They laughed and laughed. 
Great auntie and cousin Car-Car came to play! 
I like to call this the Max Band. They wrote a song about Max. Adorable! 

After dinner he needed a little bath in the sink. He's a messy, messy eater. :)
My massage therapy training was put to use tonight! 
Of course, story time came after bath and lotion! This is an adorable book I got him for his birthday. It is an I See Me book. Highly recommend for kiddos of all ages. Check out their website. This one is Who Loves Max? and I think it's pretty obvious. Max absolutely is the icing on the cake! He is wonderful in every way. Adoption has truly changed our family for the better. We cherish every moment with our little man. Can ya tell he's the only baby in the family? He's rottin'! ;)

PS:: Good news, kneecap is NOT broken. I have strict orders to keep using my crutches.. But I may be a bit disobedient and go to my 5k mud run on Saturday. Shhh! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

The not-so-graceful lady..

I'm accident prone. I admit it. I would love to think of myself as a graceful, elegant lady. I would also love to think that I could live my whole life never having surgery (wisdom teeth doesn't count), or passing out, or wearing a cast. Until yesterday I could say I had never been on crutches. And if my X-ray looks as bad as my doctor is thinking it will, I'll be able to check off more of my "firsts". Yay. 

I trip and stub at least one of my toes daily. I stay bruised up. People probably think Mr. Brown beats me. Last fall the mister and I were racing (yeah, don't laugh) and I was in the lead. I got so excited and my feet got to moving faster than my body wanted to go. I remember doing a couple flips and landing on my shoulder. Tanner finished running to the "finish line" then came back to check on me. So generous, I know. The point is, I have always been clumsy. But I have one-upped my game as of late. 

I had an arm load Sunday night. My purse, an overnight bag, phone, keys, drink and Hallie's leash. Tanner wasn't home and I hate making multiple trips from the car to the house. So I was loaded down and not paying a bit of attention to where I was walking. I tripped and my left knee smacked the second brick step going to my house. I hopped up and grabbed my wild dog's leash. I thought that was a good decision because she would literally run away with out her leash. But, about the same time I was grabbing the leash is when I realized that I was really hurt. My sister-friend was coming by for a girls night and I texted her. She was almost to my house so I tried to get myself together. Impossible. She helped me change out of my church clothes and took me to moms. I had literally taken a hunk out of my flesh. It was not bleeding much and didn't swell very much at all. I doped up meds and slept like a baby. 

Today I went to the doctor and she gave me a tetanus shot and did X-rays. She told me to stay home from work for a few days (she wasn't kidding). I'm going to work tomorrow (I have stuff to do!), sporting my newest accessories. Crutches. 

The super duper sad part is that I have been running for 7 weeks and training for a 5K with some of my favorite friends. It just so happens that my Dirty Girl 5K run is THIS SATURDAY. Talk about impeccable timing. I asked my doctor if I could run by Saturday IF nothing was broken/fractured. She laughed at me. The answer was no. 

The good news is I am accepting get well gifts. ;))

On a lighter note, my giveaway gifts are in the mail and the winners will be receiving a few of my favorite products any day now. I am really exciting to see if they love them as much as I do.

I really enjoined blogging about my favorite things. That's a very easy topic to write about! I'm thinking of my next topic and planning on doing  another series in the near future. Until then, you're stuck with stories of my not-so-boring life. :)

Changing subjects, again. Check out my super cute door wreathy-hanger thing. I'm obsessed! 

Good night my friends!

Friday, August 16, 2013

...My favorite things, vol. 5

Hello all! I will be sharing a few more of my favorite items in this post then wrapping the week up with a sweet giveaway! Yay!

First of all, I love lip gloss, lip stain, lip stick.. Really any lip product is ok with me. I do, however, have a small addiction with Chapstick. Yep, guilty. I have a favorite, but if it isn't available at the check out in Walmart, I'm usually tempted with buying another brand. With that being said, its obvious I try lots of lip moisturizer. My favorite of all favorites is Baby Lips! So super useful. I have the natural or plain color and the Pink Shock. Adorable and super moisturizing. The packaging is super cute, too! The pink shock is pretty and layer it a bit for a dramatic "pink shock"!;)

Only the best candle in the world is up next. My friend Amy and I are alike in lots of ways. I ran into her on one of my Target trips and I HAD to let her smell this candle. After she sniffed it, she told me she had the same candle on her desk at work! My sister-in-law also has since purchased one. Give it a try, folks. You won't be disappointed. It is the Sweet Spun Sugar soy candle and that's all I know.. Don't see a brand. 

Lastly, a very useful summer time fave is California Tan's tan extender with bronzer. The tan extender is useful but it became one of my favorite products when I used it on a burn. The bottle doesn't say anything about preventing or helping burns, but it really works! Tanner and I both have used it when we had too much sun and it turns into tan relatively fast, much to my surprise. I also love that the bronzer seems nonexistent. No orangey dorito look, just a pretty golden tan! I get this at Suntan City. I'm not sure if it is exclusively theirs or if it is sold elsewhere. 

I also buy Designer Skin's Tiny Bubbles from Suntan City. It is a bubble bath/tan extending shower gel combo that smells delicious. Why work on your tan and not use a tan extender? Sounds pretty pointless to me! Keep it as long as ya can!

Now it's time for the fun part. Follow me on Instagram (@whitneybrown17) and comment on the below photo with your mailing address. I will be giving away a Birchbox subscription and a candle tomorrow night! Yay! Good luck friends! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

...My favorite things, vol. 4

I'm so not used to blogging daily! I almost forgot about my favorite things week!

I am keeping it short and sweet tonight. One reason is because I just took my sleeping meds and I will be incoherent before too long. The the other reason is that I hope I'm introducing you to something you have never heard of and you spend the night searching their website. 



It is dangerous. Let me warn you. So. Many. Cute. Things. Your husbands paycheck could vanish just with one purchase. BUT, that's a risk I'm willing to take. 

This is Marley Lilly and I think it's lovely.

Seriously, though. Marley Lilly has a ton of monogramable (why is this not a word?) items that are adorable beyond belief. I just received a confirmation that an order I placed with them has shipped. I am super excited! 

Look at their website. You won't be disappointed. 

So, tomorrow ends my favorite things week and I will be having a small give away of a few of the items I mentioned. Make sure to read tomorrow! Don't miss out!

This pic is too sweet not to share, even if it is off subject. ;)

My sweet community group kiddos. Love them. 

Have a great night and a wonderful Friday tomorrow! Make the best of it. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

...My favorite things, vol.3

My Birchbox goodies!
How it looks when I get it out of my mailbox.. Super pretty and it makes me super excited. Knowing good things have arrived in this small pink package! :)
Isn't this the cutest little box ever? I <3 them. 

Complete with pink tissue paper, my sweet little Birchbox never disappoints!
This is the first month I received a product I have already used. Cucumber facial towelettes. A sweet client of my massage therapy business used to bring these into me. She got them from Target. Say Yes to Cucumber is the brand. I love Target. 

My box also included Dr Dart's BB Balm. I've been anxious to try this. But, it slipped my mind this morning. Bummer. 

Miss Jessie's is the two packages on the right of the box. I have bought their perfect curls gel before and I really like it. I am excited to try the rest of their product line. 

An eye pencil from a brand I have never heard of was also in there. I will get around to using that eventually. But, as you know from day 1 of my favorite things.. I am totally satisfied with my eye liner. :)

Although it has taken me 2 1/2 blog post to cover all of my favorite things from Birchbox, it is time to move on. I tend to get obsessive to good quality gadgets. And obsessed is exactly what I am with my next favorite thing item. 
Ignore the terrible photo, I'm currently riding to community groups as I blog using the super handy dandy blogger app! But, this little apparatus is my new pal, Fitbit. She monitors my steps and calories burned. Water and food take in and weight are all things that you can input and your Fitbit will keep up with it for you. It also has a silent alarm option, which is great. It vibrates when you reach your step goal (mine is 10,000). My favorite feature is the sleep pattern monitor. I started using mine the night before I went to see my rheumatologist and it counted the times I was awake and the times I was restless. That night alone I was awake 18 times and restless 40 minutes. Dr Boomshine thought that was entirely too much movement during my night and out me on sleep meds. I have monitored my sleep since taking the new medication and it is some better. But, that is a super useful way to know how well you sleep! Fitbit has an app that you download and your bracelet syncs with the app and quickly tells you all of the above stated information. You can also add friends who also have Fitbits and start a friendly competition of who walks the most. It truly gets you moving and you are more conscious about walking rather than driving short distances. I also opt for the longer route, too! My brother, mom, friend Amy and a supplier from work are all on my friends list. Although I am not winning this week, I will be a good sport and post the standings:
AT&T sells these. The Fitbit website is out of stock. These will be super huge soon, I can foresee it. It's the new way of exercising! It's like a Facebook/twitter app of exercise. Smart, I tell ya.

If any of my readers have one, let me know! I would love to add you and kick your booty in steppin'!

That's all for now. Vol. 4 tomorrow will be  a good one. Come on back! 

In the meantime, I'm making a trip to Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-a and to a friend's community group. Our community group is tomorrow 
If you are local, contact me. I would love to explain what community group is all about! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

...My favorite things, vol. 2

If you haven't read my blog post from yesterday, you need to. It is about my obsession with Birchbox and today I'm showing off a few of my favorite products they sell.

This is a pic of my sink where I was getting ready this morning. I snapped a pic because this is all Birchbox full size products and a few samples. I am very faithful to my friends at Birchbox. They have an excellent customer service team, too!
I absolutely love The Balm. They have fabulous products. The Nudeitude has a zillion shades of eye shadow. The texture would remind you of a cream to powder shadow but it actually stays put and doesn't crease. Also, their luminous powder is great for contouring. My favorite product of theirs is the concealer. I use it daily. Fibromyalgia leaves me with dark circles under my eyes even if I am well rested. I look like a new person with this concealer. I would buy anything they make without hesitation. 

Another favorite I purchase from Birchbox is Smashbox's photo finish foundation. I used to purchase this from Smashbox, but I have been getting it from Birchbox where I can utilize my points. I searched Birchbox for it and couldn't find it. They may be out of it or maybe they stopped carrying it. Either way, it's a great product I would look into. 

Laface from Birchbox is a wonderful face wash. I have a combination-oily complexion and it works like a charm for me. The first time I used the sample I was hooked. I use this with the Revlon exfoliating brush. It's like a mini facial. If you have a favorite face wash try it with the Revlon exfoliation brush. I think the main purpose for it is a bikini trimmer. It comes with 3 attachments and I only use the exfoliating brush. Not even sure what the third attachment is! Walmart has these by the razors.

Another of my favorite products is Minky Dot blankets/pillow cases. Born Platinum has an etsy shop that I love. My Minky Dot blanket is so super soft and I sleep with it every night. I bought a blanket for my nephew, Max and after I got received it, I knew I wanted one! I wanted to talk about this product tonight because is featuring a shop that also sells Minky dot blankets/pillow cases. I purchased a pillow case a few months ago from them. It isn't as soft as the fabric Born Platinum uses but it is good quality for the price. Mr. Brown actually sleeps with one now. :) Bebe Bella Designs is what you need to look for on Zulily. 

I got my Birchbox in the mail today. Check back tomorrow for pics of what it included. As well as more of my favorite things! 

I love sharing my favorite things with everyone. And lots of people tell me they read my blog.. So, if you're reading, share with me! I need some new products in my life! 

Thanks for reading, friends. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things..

I have a lot of love for a lot of things. I love products that make my life a little easier. So why not share them with you? And maybe ya'll can recommend some new things to me?

I'm obsessed with good makeup and beauty products. I don't want a 90 minute beauty regimen. No. Thank. You. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

A stressful week..

Tanner's mother had her gallbladder removed Tuesday and since then our schedule has been crazy. She has been having problems recovering and we have stayed the night with her. She lives alone and has been pretty helpless for the last several days. It is so unlike her to require help from anyone and she has not been too happy about it!

The stress of the hospital and running with her has really had my fibro flared up. I'm also coming off meds and starting new and that's had me sick. Sooo, not the best week for us. 

We finally felt like she could survive on her own for a little bit and we left her and went home. My sweet house cleaner had just left and that took some stress off, for sure! :) 

Mom, dad and Hunter are racing this weekend in MI so their pool was vacant. We totally took advantage of it! We played like kids. At one point Tanner was under water and all I could see was his hands in the shape of a shark fin coming after me. I went a little hysterical and made a fast exit from the pool. It was a fabulous break for us. 

We got back home and made a quick wardrobe change and were running out for supper, groceries and I may talk my way into seeing a few boutiques in town. 

He goes to work tomorrow and will totally miss Max's second birthday party in the park with his little friends. But I can't wait!!!

I think it's safe to say that the weekend has come right on time! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Max is ONE!

Ok.. So I have the sweetest nephew in the world. He and his daddy share the same birthday and we have celebrated all  weekend long! There is nothing I love more than being with my famjam. 

Max calls me.. Well nothing yet, but I am his Aunt Whitty and Tanner is his Uncle Toot. We have really been working on saying Toot. We say "Ta- Ta- Toot" and he will say back "Ta-,Ta-". So, I think it's coming! 

He is ALMOST walking. I mean almost. He has taken one step so far. It won't be long until we have a wild boy running around! (:

Uncle Toot had to work and was late to the party and very dirty from the coal mine. But, he made it! (:  

A few pics from the birthday bash:
Me with the birthday baby.

His party theme was adorable. Some type of trains.. Chuggington maybe? (Can you tell I'm not a mom?)

Digging in! He loved it. 

Dirty boy Max with his parents. It's a wonder his daddy is standing this close-- he hates messy things. 

Cousin Carlee, me, Max and Uncle Hunter. 

Max got a Harley from his Great Auntie and Great Uncle Del. Jordan and Keila are NOT Harley people but Max loves anything with wheels. 

He couldn't drive it himself himself so his big cousin Payton drove and I held onto Max. The thing has power!

When Uncle Toot got there we were all hot and sweaty and Max was worn out. So no smile, but he's still a doll. 

Keila did a wonderful job planning his party and I think Max enjoyed being the star of the show. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr Boom Day

I have been waiting to get into a Rheumatologist for 4 months and the day has finally come! 

I have dealt with fatigue since high school and have always required a lot of sleep. 8 hours has never made me feel rested. But now that I think about, I'm not sure if I remember how rested feels. 

In the fall of 2011, I was working as a massage therapist and feeling more drained than ever. I was planning our wedding and fixing up our first home. I really didn't have time to think about my health. Shortly after our wedding, normal things were becoming hard for me. I absolutely dreaded cleaning the house and doing laundry. I was overwhelmed with being a wife and really didn't know why. My job became to feel impossible. Massage therapists use their body as their tool and it takes a toll on it. I eventually had to quit my job. 

I went to my family doctor and she sent me to therapy for my shoulder. She and I agreed I must have hurt my shoulder at work. Countless massage therapists injury themselves, it sounded right. Physical therapy 3x a week and meds that couldn't touch the pain I was in. I was totally confused and was going on with me. 

A year and a half from my initial dr appointment (April 2013), I was referred to a rheumatologist for what my doctor thinks could be fibromyalgia. I researched the referred name and found some not-so-good reviews on him. A few of my Facebook friends had tried him and did not like him. I went ahead and booked the appointment with him, because that was my only choice at the time. 

My appointment was made in April and the first available slot for me was I'm August! While I was waiting I was doing a lot of talking. I said the word "fibro" as much as possible. I wanted people to tell me what they knew, what helps them, who their doctor is... I wanted to know everything I could. If you ever have a possible sickness, I totally recommend talking about it. You get a lot of useless information, but the good totally outweighs the bad. 

A sweet friend from church had battled fibro for years and she has been a huge help to me! She wouldn't leave me alone until I scheduled an appointment with her rheumatoid doctor. She has seen a tremendous difference in the quality of her life and was adamant about me receiving the same help. I am so very thankful for her. 

Today I will see Dr. Boomershine of Franklin, TN and I have no idea what my first visit consists of. I am not nervous. I'm excited that I will get some answers soon. I hope I love Dr Boom as much as my friend does! I already love his name. :) 

Prayers for a good day, please!

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