Friday, August 9, 2013

A stressful week..

Tanner's mother had her gallbladder removed Tuesday and since then our schedule has been crazy. She has been having problems recovering and we have stayed the night with her. She lives alone and has been pretty helpless for the last several days. It is so unlike her to require help from anyone and she has not been too happy about it!

The stress of the hospital and running with her has really had my fibro flared up. I'm also coming off meds and starting new and that's had me sick. Sooo, not the best week for us. 

We finally felt like she could survive on her own for a little bit and we left her and went home. My sweet house cleaner had just left and that took some stress off, for sure! :) 

Mom, dad and Hunter are racing this weekend in MI so their pool was vacant. We totally took advantage of it! We played like kids. At one point Tanner was under water and all I could see was his hands in the shape of a shark fin coming after me. I went a little hysterical and made a fast exit from the pool. It was a fabulous break for us. 

We got back home and made a quick wardrobe change and were running out for supper, groceries and I may talk my way into seeing a few boutiques in town. 

He goes to work tomorrow and will totally miss Max's second birthday party in the park with his little friends. But I can't wait!!!

I think it's safe to say that the weekend has come right on time! 


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