Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr Boom Day

I have been waiting to get into a Rheumatologist for 4 months and the day has finally come! 

I have dealt with fatigue since high school and have always required a lot of sleep. 8 hours has never made me feel rested. But now that I think about, I'm not sure if I remember how rested feels. 

In the fall of 2011, I was working as a massage therapist and feeling more drained than ever. I was planning our wedding and fixing up our first home. I really didn't have time to think about my health. Shortly after our wedding, normal things were becoming hard for me. I absolutely dreaded cleaning the house and doing laundry. I was overwhelmed with being a wife and really didn't know why. My job became to feel impossible. Massage therapists use their body as their tool and it takes a toll on it. I eventually had to quit my job. 

I went to my family doctor and she sent me to therapy for my shoulder. She and I agreed I must have hurt my shoulder at work. Countless massage therapists injury themselves, it sounded right. Physical therapy 3x a week and meds that couldn't touch the pain I was in. I was totally confused and was going on with me. 

A year and a half from my initial dr appointment (April 2013), I was referred to a rheumatologist for what my doctor thinks could be fibromyalgia. I researched the referred name and found some not-so-good reviews on him. A few of my Facebook friends had tried him and did not like him. I went ahead and booked the appointment with him, because that was my only choice at the time. 

My appointment was made in April and the first available slot for me was I'm August! While I was waiting I was doing a lot of talking. I said the word "fibro" as much as possible. I wanted people to tell me what they knew, what helps them, who their doctor is... I wanted to know everything I could. If you ever have a possible sickness, I totally recommend talking about it. You get a lot of useless information, but the good totally outweighs the bad. 

A sweet friend from church had battled fibro for years and she has been a huge help to me! She wouldn't leave me alone until I scheduled an appointment with her rheumatoid doctor. She has seen a tremendous difference in the quality of her life and was adamant about me receiving the same help. I am so very thankful for her. 

Today I will see Dr. Boomershine of Franklin, TN and I have no idea what my first visit consists of. I am not nervous. I'm excited that I will get some answers soon. I hope I love Dr Boom as much as my friend does! I already love his name. :) 

Prayers for a good day, please!


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