Sunday, August 4, 2013

Max is ONE!

Ok.. So I have the sweetest nephew in the world. He and his daddy share the same birthday and we have celebrated all  weekend long! There is nothing I love more than being with my famjam. 

Max calls me.. Well nothing yet, but I am his Aunt Whitty and Tanner is his Uncle Toot. We have really been working on saying Toot. We say "Ta- Ta- Toot" and he will say back "Ta-,Ta-". So, I think it's coming! 

He is ALMOST walking. I mean almost. He has taken one step so far. It won't be long until we have a wild boy running around! (:

Uncle Toot had to work and was late to the party and very dirty from the coal mine. But, he made it! (:  

A few pics from the birthday bash:
Me with the birthday baby.

His party theme was adorable. Some type of trains.. Chuggington maybe? (Can you tell I'm not a mom?)

Digging in! He loved it. 

Dirty boy Max with his parents. It's a wonder his daddy is standing this close-- he hates messy things. 

Cousin Carlee, me, Max and Uncle Hunter. 

Max got a Harley from his Great Auntie and Great Uncle Del. Jordan and Keila are NOT Harley people but Max loves anything with wheels. 

He couldn't drive it himself himself so his big cousin Payton drove and I held onto Max. The thing has power!

When Uncle Toot got there we were all hot and sweaty and Max was worn out. So no smile, but he's still a doll. 

Keila did a wonderful job planning his party and I think Max enjoyed being the star of the show. 


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