Tuesday, August 13, 2013

...My favorite things, vol. 2

If you haven't read my blog post from yesterday, you need to. It is about my obsession with Birchbox and today I'm showing off a few of my favorite products they sell.

This is a pic of my sink where I was getting ready this morning. I snapped a pic because this is all Birchbox full size products and a few samples. I am very faithful to my friends at Birchbox. They have an excellent customer service team, too!
I absolutely love The Balm. They have fabulous products. The Nudeitude has a zillion shades of eye shadow. The texture would remind you of a cream to powder shadow but it actually stays put and doesn't crease. Also, their luminous powder is great for contouring. My favorite product of theirs is the concealer. I use it daily. Fibromyalgia leaves me with dark circles under my eyes even if I am well rested. I look like a new person with this concealer. I would buy anything they make without hesitation. 

Another favorite I purchase from Birchbox is Smashbox's photo finish foundation. I used to purchase this from Smashbox, but I have been getting it from Birchbox where I can utilize my points. I searched Birchbox for it and couldn't find it. They may be out of it or maybe they stopped carrying it. Either way, it's a great product I would look into. 

Laface from Birchbox is a wonderful face wash. I have a combination-oily complexion and it works like a charm for me. The first time I used the sample I was hooked. I use this with the Revlon exfoliating brush. It's like a mini facial. If you have a favorite face wash try it with the Revlon exfoliation brush. I think the main purpose for it is a bikini trimmer. It comes with 3 attachments and I only use the exfoliating brush. Not even sure what the third attachment is! Walmart has these by the razors.

Another of my favorite products is Minky Dot blankets/pillow cases. Born Platinum has an etsy shop that I love. My Minky Dot blanket is so super soft and I sleep with it every night. I bought a blanket for my nephew, Max and after I got received it, I knew I wanted one! I wanted to talk about this product tonight because Zulily.com is featuring a shop that also sells Minky dot blankets/pillow cases. I purchased a pillow case a few months ago from them. It isn't as soft as the fabric Born Platinum uses but it is good quality for the price. Mr. Brown actually sleeps with one now. :) Bebe Bella Designs is what you need to look for on Zulily. 

I got my Birchbox in the mail today. Check back tomorrow for pics of what it included. As well as more of my favorite things! 

I love sharing my favorite things with everyone. And lots of people tell me they read my blog.. So, if you're reading, share with me! I need some new products in my life! 

Thanks for reading, friends. 


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