Friday, August 16, 2013

...My favorite things, vol. 5

Hello all! I will be sharing a few more of my favorite items in this post then wrapping the week up with a sweet giveaway! Yay!

First of all, I love lip gloss, lip stain, lip stick.. Really any lip product is ok with me. I do, however, have a small addiction with Chapstick. Yep, guilty. I have a favorite, but if it isn't available at the check out in Walmart, I'm usually tempted with buying another brand. With that being said, its obvious I try lots of lip moisturizer. My favorite of all favorites is Baby Lips! So super useful. I have the natural or plain color and the Pink Shock. Adorable and super moisturizing. The packaging is super cute, too! The pink shock is pretty and layer it a bit for a dramatic "pink shock"!;)

Only the best candle in the world is up next. My friend Amy and I are alike in lots of ways. I ran into her on one of my Target trips and I HAD to let her smell this candle. After she sniffed it, she told me she had the same candle on her desk at work! My sister-in-law also has since purchased one. Give it a try, folks. You won't be disappointed. It is the Sweet Spun Sugar soy candle and that's all I know.. Don't see a brand. 

Lastly, a very useful summer time fave is California Tan's tan extender with bronzer. The tan extender is useful but it became one of my favorite products when I used it on a burn. The bottle doesn't say anything about preventing or helping burns, but it really works! Tanner and I both have used it when we had too much sun and it turns into tan relatively fast, much to my surprise. I also love that the bronzer seems nonexistent. No orangey dorito look, just a pretty golden tan! I get this at Suntan City. I'm not sure if it is exclusively theirs or if it is sold elsewhere. 

I also buy Designer Skin's Tiny Bubbles from Suntan City. It is a bubble bath/tan extending shower gel combo that smells delicious. Why work on your tan and not use a tan extender? Sounds pretty pointless to me! Keep it as long as ya can!

Now it's time for the fun part. Follow me on Instagram (@whitneybrown17) and comment on the below photo with your mailing address. I will be giving away a Birchbox subscription and a candle tomorrow night! Yay! Good luck friends! 


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