Wednesday, August 14, 2013

...My favorite things, vol.3

My Birchbox goodies!
How it looks when I get it out of my mailbox.. Super pretty and it makes me super excited. Knowing good things have arrived in this small pink package! :)
Isn't this the cutest little box ever? I <3 them. 

Complete with pink tissue paper, my sweet little Birchbox never disappoints!
This is the first month I received a product I have already used. Cucumber facial towelettes. A sweet client of my massage therapy business used to bring these into me. She got them from Target. Say Yes to Cucumber is the brand. I love Target. 

My box also included Dr Dart's BB Balm. I've been anxious to try this. But, it slipped my mind this morning. Bummer. 

Miss Jessie's is the two packages on the right of the box. I have bought their perfect curls gel before and I really like it. I am excited to try the rest of their product line. 

An eye pencil from a brand I have never heard of was also in there. I will get around to using that eventually. But, as you know from day 1 of my favorite things.. I am totally satisfied with my eye liner. :)

Although it has taken me 2 1/2 blog post to cover all of my favorite things from Birchbox, it is time to move on. I tend to get obsessive to good quality gadgets. And obsessed is exactly what I am with my next favorite thing item. 
Ignore the terrible photo, I'm currently riding to community groups as I blog using the super handy dandy blogger app! But, this little apparatus is my new pal, Fitbit. She monitors my steps and calories burned. Water and food take in and weight are all things that you can input and your Fitbit will keep up with it for you. It also has a silent alarm option, which is great. It vibrates when you reach your step goal (mine is 10,000). My favorite feature is the sleep pattern monitor. I started using mine the night before I went to see my rheumatologist and it counted the times I was awake and the times I was restless. That night alone I was awake 18 times and restless 40 minutes. Dr Boomshine thought that was entirely too much movement during my night and out me on sleep meds. I have monitored my sleep since taking the new medication and it is some better. But, that is a super useful way to know how well you sleep! Fitbit has an app that you download and your bracelet syncs with the app and quickly tells you all of the above stated information. You can also add friends who also have Fitbits and start a friendly competition of who walks the most. It truly gets you moving and you are more conscious about walking rather than driving short distances. I also opt for the longer route, too! My brother, mom, friend Amy and a supplier from work are all on my friends list. Although I am not winning this week, I will be a good sport and post the standings:
AT&T sells these. The Fitbit website is out of stock. These will be super huge soon, I can foresee it. It's the new way of exercising! It's like a Facebook/twitter app of exercise. Smart, I tell ya.

If any of my readers have one, let me know! I would love to add you and kick your booty in steppin'!

That's all for now. Vol. 4 tomorrow will be  a good one. Come on back! 

In the meantime, I'm making a trip to Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-a and to a friend's community group. Our community group is tomorrow 
If you are local, contact me. I would love to explain what community group is all about! 


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