Monday, August 19, 2013

The not-so-graceful lady..

I'm accident prone. I admit it. I would love to think of myself as a graceful, elegant lady. I would also love to think that I could live my whole life never having surgery (wisdom teeth doesn't count), or passing out, or wearing a cast. Until yesterday I could say I had never been on crutches. And if my X-ray looks as bad as my doctor is thinking it will, I'll be able to check off more of my "firsts". Yay. 

I trip and stub at least one of my toes daily. I stay bruised up. People probably think Mr. Brown beats me. Last fall the mister and I were racing (yeah, don't laugh) and I was in the lead. I got so excited and my feet got to moving faster than my body wanted to go. I remember doing a couple flips and landing on my shoulder. Tanner finished running to the "finish line" then came back to check on me. So generous, I know. The point is, I have always been clumsy. But I have one-upped my game as of late. 

I had an arm load Sunday night. My purse, an overnight bag, phone, keys, drink and Hallie's leash. Tanner wasn't home and I hate making multiple trips from the car to the house. So I was loaded down and not paying a bit of attention to where I was walking. I tripped and my left knee smacked the second brick step going to my house. I hopped up and grabbed my wild dog's leash. I thought that was a good decision because she would literally run away with out her leash. But, about the same time I was grabbing the leash is when I realized that I was really hurt. My sister-friend was coming by for a girls night and I texted her. She was almost to my house so I tried to get myself together. Impossible. She helped me change out of my church clothes and took me to moms. I had literally taken a hunk out of my flesh. It was not bleeding much and didn't swell very much at all. I doped up meds and slept like a baby. 

Today I went to the doctor and she gave me a tetanus shot and did X-rays. She told me to stay home from work for a few days (she wasn't kidding). I'm going to work tomorrow (I have stuff to do!), sporting my newest accessories. Crutches. 

The super duper sad part is that I have been running for 7 weeks and training for a 5K with some of my favorite friends. It just so happens that my Dirty Girl 5K run is THIS SATURDAY. Talk about impeccable timing. I asked my doctor if I could run by Saturday IF nothing was broken/fractured. She laughed at me. The answer was no. 

The good news is I am accepting get well gifts. ;))

On a lighter note, my giveaway gifts are in the mail and the winners will be receiving a few of my favorite products any day now. I am really exciting to see if they love them as much as I do.

I really enjoined blogging about my favorite things. That's a very easy topic to write about! I'm thinking of my next topic and planning on doing  another series in the near future. Until then, you're stuck with stories of my not-so-boring life. :)

Changing subjects, again. Check out my super cute door wreathy-hanger thing. I'm obsessed! 

Good night my friends!


Kecia said...

Get well soon! Tell Tan-Man to take care of you. The door thingy is super cute!

Whitney Brown said...

Tanner has been on night shift since this whole extravaganza began. ;(
The door hanger is super cute, but I am regretting paying $50 for it. I'm thinking of making them myself!

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