Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who loves Max?

After a long day at work, my afternoon was easily the best part of my day! My mother-in-law took 2 loads of laundry to her house for me (my laundry room is in the basement, bum knee + stairs = mother-in-law doing my laundry). My mom was keeping my nephew for a little while and he always makes me feel better. 
We road on the golf course. Our little man was a bit too short for the photo! 
Nana pushed him in the swing! They laughed and laughed. 
Great auntie and cousin Car-Car came to play! 
I like to call this the Max Band. They wrote a song about Max. Adorable! 

After dinner he needed a little bath in the sink. He's a messy, messy eater. :)
My massage therapy training was put to use tonight! 
Of course, story time came after bath and lotion! This is an adorable book I got him for his birthday. It is an I See Me book. Highly recommend for kiddos of all ages. Check out their website. This one is Who Loves Max? and I think it's pretty obvious. Max absolutely is the icing on the cake! He is wonderful in every way. Adoption has truly changed our family for the better. We cherish every moment with our little man. Can ya tell he's the only baby in the family? He's rottin'! ;)

PS:: Good news, kneecap is NOT broken. I have strict orders to keep using my crutches.. But I may be a bit disobedient and go to my 5k mud run on Saturday. Shhh! :)


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