Monday, September 2, 2013

The blended beauty :)

I have been mentioning this little tool for a few weeks now.. And I finally have time to blog about it: Beauty blender. Don't judge it by it's name. It's the BEST applicator I have ever used. 
Don't judge it by its appearance, either. Once you use it, you'll forget about its odd design. 

It comes with steps on how to prep your applicator. I followed these steps and much to my surprise, it nearly doubled in size after I dampened it. 
Now that you've prepped your applicator and it is damp, you get to work! Just bounce whichever end you choice into your foundation,  (I use the back of my hand) then apply directly to your face using the same bouncing movement. 
I usually start with my concealer then my liquid foundation. I even use this for my powder.. Not sure if I'm supposed to or not, but it works well. I love how easy it is. Honestly, this would be a great gift for tweens just starting to use makeup. The egg shape is designed for the big end to cover the larger areas of your face and the small end should be focused more on the hard to reach areas. They are so lightweight and airy, too. The sponges I've used before are more heavy and solid. The makeup artist behind these little beauties was on top of her game when she thunk these up. ;)

I am in love with the results. See for yourself: 

I love how dewy and airbrushed my makeup looks. This is absolutely the best my makeup has ever looked. Blended, smooth, even coverage.. What more could you ask for? 

Make sure you don't settle for an off brand of the beauty blender. I usually love Target's Up and Up brand.. BUT, they totally missed the mark. Grant it, I was already addicted to the beauty blenders before I tried their brand. It's rock hard and just absorbs all of your makeup! It like disappears inside the sponge and won't come out for nothing! I was pushing so hard I felt like I was bruising my face. That is NOT how the beauty blender does it. I am all about cutting corners when you can get a better or equal product for less, but this is not a corner cutting time! Just say no to Up and Up on this one. Trust me. 

 $25.95 may be a bit steep, but you get two beauty blenders that last (if you clean them) for a long time. I definitely will order these again. I can't imagine going back to another sponge or applying foundation with my hands (eek) ever again! 

Of course, this is a Birchbox product. Try it.. You will fall madly in love with the ease of putting your makeup on. :)

Night y'all!




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