Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beach bloggin'

This post is coming to ya from the Blue Mountain Beach's pretty sand! After a protest from Mr Brown, we have finally made our way down to the ocean this morning. He hates the beach. And I have no idea why. Ahhh.. The sun, breeze, Pandora (TLC Radio thanks to my sis), and ocean waves in the background.. How could anyone hate that? No idea. 

We have been having a wonderful time. Arcades, carosales, lots of food and photos to prove it all. Except for the food. We don't document ALL of the food we eat. ;))

Grubbing at Mellow Mushroom
Our traditional picture. Bottom pic from last year. 
This poor kid. He hasn't had any attention this week. 😉
Being romantic on the walk to the arcade. 
I hit the jackpot and Max got a Spiderman ball, batman tote bag, football, and several dum dum suckers. I think we racked up nearly 5,000 tickets. Ha! What a fun waste of money. 

A night ride on the golf cart to the creamery. So delicious. 

Malt Shoppe is the way to go. 
Our sweetie pie. He has been walking for a week or better and stumbles around and gives everyone a heart attack. He fell shortly after this photo and got his first bloody nose. He was a champ. 
He did whatever he wanted after that. 

Lastly, I got my 30A sticker and there WILL be a dirty jeep wrangler in Kentucky reppin' the best place in Florida. 


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