Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being thankful💗

We just finished up a sermon series on gratitude at church. Pastor Will did a wonderful job and I really enjoined it. You can't fake an attitude of gratitude. And I don't want to. I hope that I never forget to say "thank you" to anyone.. But how many times do you forget and not tell God how thankful you are? After all, He is the one behind your success, your family, your home. Why do we ask more of Him and than we thank Him less (and less and less..)? 

There is truth in that for me. Y'all may be super Christians who never fail to thank God! I often forget. I want to be prayerful but I don't want to say the generic kids prayer. You know, "thank you for everything" or "thank you for my many blessings". I try to talk to God like I talk to my best friend. Real talk.

I think we should be showing God a REAL attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving. Tell Him what you're thankful for. Be specific. God knows you're heart. Kind of like the way you know your husband loves you and is thankful for you.. You still like to hear him say it!  God wants to have a relationship with you- and relationships only get stronger when you learn how to communicate. :)

I'm working on this, hope y'all are too. 💗

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Etsy shop: OPEN

Busy, busy, busy! I have been so busy lately. Work is crazy-- I work at my family's wood manufacturing company and I run the firewood division. Cold weather = booming firewood sales. I have been working my butt off! We sell to Kroger, Wal-Mart, Lowes. Love my job. 

I have also been busy with embroidery orders. Thankfully, y'all are just wonderful clients and I just opened up my Etsy store! So exciting! My shop name is "Mrsbrownandco". Come visit me. I only have a few listings. I just added these little beauties. 

Christmas dish towels. <3

Maybe one day {before Christmas} I will have time to make me a set! Until then, I'll keep making them for you! 

Also, there is a giveaway on my Instagram for these sweet little Christmas towels. Contest ends this Friday at noon. Good luck to ya'll! {@mrsbrownandco} 

These giveaways are for YOU {my clients}. I appreciate your business more than you know! 

Have a great week, friends. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nov 1st.. Halloween?

We had super bad storms coming on Halloween this year, so.. They canceled it. Good news is they rescheduled for Nov 1st. Odd, huh? Mr Brown thought it was crazy. He said no one ever rescheduled Halloween for him! Ha!

We don't live in a neighborhood with a bunch of kiddos. I can actually only think of a handful.  We normally have only 4 or 5 little guests. 

Since Tanner and I are on paleo, we cannot have any candy. Last year I think we ate more than we gave out. :) It really wasn't difficult to avoid the candy.. We are doing fairly good. This way of eating has helped my fibro tremendously. I am so not an expert yet.. But we're doing good!

Anyway, we had the cutest little tiny Dino come trick-or-treat at a Aunt Whitty and Uncle Toot's house.

Isn't he precious? Can't believe this is his second Halloween. He was a little Peter Pan last year.

That paci!! I miss him being small. But he is a total ball of fun and energy now that he's running around and talking (a little).

After Max left we had 2 more and we gave them all of the candy and turned out our front porch light. Tanner had been on night shift and I felt like I hadn't seen him in days. So, we watched our shows and had chili (paleo, of course). Great Halloween (or Nov. 1st) night. :) 

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