Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being thankful💗

We just finished up a sermon series on gratitude at church. Pastor Will did a wonderful job and I really enjoined it. You can't fake an attitude of gratitude. And I don't want to. I hope that I never forget to say "thank you" to anyone.. But how many times do you forget and not tell God how thankful you are? After all, He is the one behind your success, your family, your home. Why do we ask more of Him and than we thank Him less (and less and less..)? 

There is truth in that for me. Y'all may be super Christians who never fail to thank God! I often forget. I want to be prayerful but I don't want to say the generic kids prayer. You know, "thank you for everything" or "thank you for my many blessings". I try to talk to God like I talk to my best friend. Real talk.

I think we should be showing God a REAL attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving. Tell Him what you're thankful for. Be specific. God knows you're heart. Kind of like the way you know your husband loves you and is thankful for you.. You still like to hear him say it!  God wants to have a relationship with you- and relationships only get stronger when you learn how to communicate. :)

I'm working on this, hope y'all are too. 💗


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