Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas really started on Thanksgiving when we put up Tanner's 90 year old grandmother's tree. We do that for her every year. She's just like a kid at Christmas time. She wants her shrubs to be lit up and this year she wanted big plastic candy canes decorating the outside of her home. 

We also went to my grandparent's house on Thanksgiving and ate ourself silly and decorated their tree. I have a pic of my crazy pap (that's what I've always called him) tweaking the decor placement. It's really sweet. He is super anal about cleanliness and prides himself with perfection (even if it is a Christmas tree decorated by his favorite females).. He just can't help it. 
 There you also see Mr Brown and my cousin, Carlee's boyfriend snuggled on the couch. 

Our Christmas schedule has been the same for years. Christmas Eve's Eve at mom and dads, Christmas Eve day with his mom and grandmother, Christmas Eve night with my grandparents and then Christmas is when we exchange gifts. Or we're supposed to. 

Moms house at Christmas is probably my favorite stop. I've been sitting around the Christmas tree with my brothers on the 23rd of December for years. It seems like every year we have someone new. Last year Max made his Christmas at Nana's debut and this year Hunter's girlfriend, Hannah came. We drew names this year and I had Hunter and he just so happened to have me. :) We had such a good time. 
Max was excited for Christmas at Nana's!
Grandpa opening gifts. 
Nana and Max opening presents. 
Keila opening her Adopt Shoppe necklace.. She loved it. It says "She does justice, loves mercy, walks humbly" which reminded me of my sweet SIL. Even if Tanner didn't draw her name, she would have ended up with it. 
Dad was shocked when mom revealed she had drawn his name. The rules were not to get your spouse.. And somehow she missed that part. He loved his Hunter Baize Racing vest. Mom came over the day before we exchanged gifts and brought me his vest (he loves vests). I got it embroidered and was super happy wigh the way it turned out. 
Wild man and Woody in their new chair. 
Tanner got a backpack leaf blower. He was thrilled. 

I said earlier that Tan and I exchange fists on Christmas. But I begged him when we  got home from moms and he finally gave in. 

Tanner (like his grandmother) is a big kid at Christmas. He loves surprises and expects me to like them, too. He won't even let me tell him what I want. He wants to shock me! I hate surprises and always have. I just don't like trying to produce a reaction while the gifter is sitting there watching and measuring their success in my expression. 

I tried hard this year to surprise him. I got him a few odd and ins (things he needed) and got him an iPhone 5S and an iPad Air as his big gifts. He has had an iPad2 for 2 years and used it more than he used his phone! I thought it was time for an upgrade. :)

He got me a super soft blanket that I had been asking for (mom had one and I was so jelly), a wall hanging jewelry organizer that I can't wait to use, and a new set of pearls. This almost made me cry because I had lost one of my pearl earrings at Momma Jean's 90th surprise party. And I was so sad. They were a wedding gift from him (even though I picked them out). This time he went to the jewelry store alone and did an incredible job. I'm thankful these have a special meaning, too. 

I worked half a day on Christmas Eve. Tanner went to the office with me and we had a big breakfast. I got home from work and we napped for about an hour before heading to his Momma Jean's. 
Momma Jean turned 90 in October. She literally takes about 5 minutes to unwrap each gift. Which is fine with me. I am just thankful she's still with us. 

Next we went to my Mamaw and Papaw's house. We have a jammie party every year and eat, open gifts, play games and then end the night in bingo. I lost my phone under the couch cushion and didn't take any pics. 
I stole this collage from mom. :)

Christmas Day we went to mom's for breakfast and then watched a comedy DVD my crazy pap brought over. Tanner fell asleep and I did some online shopping. :)

This year has been so great. I'm thankful for all of God's blessings in 2013. I am grateful that he picked my family to be my best friends, support system and biggest fans. I hope I can be all they need and more. 

I do have a prayer request, though. Doctor appointments and mentions of surgery always makes me on edge. Will you pray for a family member of mine? I greatly appreciate it. I know that God is able.. He never fails!

Love to you. So thankful for ya'll. 


Saturday, December 7, 2013

{a little ❄️, a lot of ❤️}

We have ice and we are definitely snowed in! Perfect time for a little blogging. :)

Firstly, my little brother turned 12.. I mean, 16 this week. Where has the time gone? He was born when I was 8 and I thought I was his primary care taker. I have always wanted to do for him. I feel like I've just about got my first child raised! Let me just say, dad treats Hunter like a grandchild and mom and I have always coparented him. Hilarious, right? 

Hunter scored an awesome car for his birthday. But, he also has 2 race cars (and building the third). I asked him to send me a pic of his car and he asked, "which one?".. Hahah!

He has a sweet girlfriend {Hannah} that I love to pieces. She spent the night with me the other night and I found her sitting on my guest bed reading her Bible. So. Good. I'm thankful for Hunter has her. 

•Hunter's birthday supper at Patti's
•Hannah & Hunter with his awesome new car! 

I also scored a few Adopt Shoppe necklaces from the awesome Kate! Her shop {} sells out so quick! I think she sold over 200 pieces in 5 or 6 minutes. How fabulous are these little babies?

Jordan and Keila had somewhere to be today.. Tanner was at work.. and my parents had Max. Where do you think I went? Dad came and got me in his truck, the roads are miserable. We had a lot of fun with him. 
•I made him a tent and he had a wonderful time in it. He had a little lantern and a radio. Adorable. 

•And.. Here is my mother scraping the ice off the driveway on HER tractor. Which is also hilarious. 

It's been a great week and I'm having a wonderful weekend snowed in. It could only be better if Tanner was off. 

Ya'll be safe! 

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