Saturday, December 7, 2013

{a little ❄️, a lot of ❤️}

We have ice and we are definitely snowed in! Perfect time for a little blogging. :)

Firstly, my little brother turned 12.. I mean, 16 this week. Where has the time gone? He was born when I was 8 and I thought I was his primary care taker. I have always wanted to do for him. I feel like I've just about got my first child raised! Let me just say, dad treats Hunter like a grandchild and mom and I have always coparented him. Hilarious, right? 

Hunter scored an awesome car for his birthday. But, he also has 2 race cars (and building the third). I asked him to send me a pic of his car and he asked, "which one?".. Hahah!

He has a sweet girlfriend {Hannah} that I love to pieces. She spent the night with me the other night and I found her sitting on my guest bed reading her Bible. So. Good. I'm thankful for Hunter has her. 

•Hunter's birthday supper at Patti's
•Hannah & Hunter with his awesome new car! 

I also scored a few Adopt Shoppe necklaces from the awesome Kate! Her shop {} sells out so quick! I think she sold over 200 pieces in 5 or 6 minutes. How fabulous are these little babies?

Jordan and Keila had somewhere to be today.. Tanner was at work.. and my parents had Max. Where do you think I went? Dad came and got me in his truck, the roads are miserable. We had a lot of fun with him. 
•I made him a tent and he had a wonderful time in it. He had a little lantern and a radio. Adorable. 

•And.. Here is my mother scraping the ice off the driveway on HER tractor. Which is also hilarious. 

It's been a great week and I'm having a wonderful weekend snowed in. It could only be better if Tanner was off. 

Ya'll be safe! 


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