Sunday, November 2, 2014

Telling our family

I told my momma at 7 weeks. I had some minor complications and Tanner didn't have much advice to offer. :) I didn't do anything special to surprise her, just told her I was pregnant. She was shocked and thrilled at the same time.. But quickly said "you could have given me a cupcake or something!" Ha! Sorry mom!

We knew we'd have to tell the rest of my fam at 10 weeks when we went to Disney. Mom, Dad, Jordan, Keila, Max, Hunter, and Hannah. We all stayed in a villa together and there was no hiding my morning sickness, extreme exhaustion or my lack of interest in the rides I used to love. 

After arriving at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge we all changed and got ready to head to Epcot. I mentioned I wanted a picture before we left the hotel and Tanner jumped right in to play photographer (actually videographer). He turned the video on my phone and gets us all positioned before saying "everyone say Whitney's pregnant!"  

My mom made the first reaction. She had no clue we were telling the fam yet. She screamed, "what?!" But that was it. No one else said anything. Actually they were all still smiling at the camera! I turned around and looked at everyone, kind of wondering why they weren't reacting. Keila quickly asked me if I was pregnant and when I nodded, she went nuts! Hannah was frozen with a shocked look on her face and my daddy was holding his heart like he was about to die! Jordan keeps smiling at the camera and Max is looking around at everyone like we were crazy! Hunter's reaction was funny and mom is jumping up and down still screaming! I've watched the video a thousand times. Watching each person individually. Still makes me giggle. 

Here is a still screen shot of the video! Love!

They were so thrilled and we talked about the baby the entire vacation and that was fine with me! We hadn't been able to freely talk about anything and it felt so good to be able to discuss baby stuff especially with my sister-in-law. 

My shirt says "Future Mouseketeer on the way!"

Side note: A Disney trip while 10 weeks pregnant is very difficult. I was exhausted and the heat was too much. Don't worry, I did drink plenty of water. I don't suggest going to Disney in the first trimester. 

We told Tanner's mom after an ultrasound and she was one of the first people to see an ultrasound picture. She was excited, too. She was basically the only person who thought the baby was a boy. 

We told my grandparents, aunt and uncle by dressing the boys (my nephews) in Big Cuz shirts. It took awhile for them to catch on to that, but they eventually got it. ;-)

Adorable shirts made by my awesome SIL, Keila. 

A very blurry picture of me and the big cousins! 

Our family is so supportive and can't wait to welcome the first little Brown Baby. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Telling Tanner

My husband is really funny. He always tells me that my blog will get more hits if I talk about him more. And he isn't kidding. :) He has asked me several times when I was planning on blogging again, knowing my next post was about him. Well, today is the day!

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to tell Tanner in a fun way. I tested positive on a Thursday morning before work. I work with Tanner and I see him several times a day and usually have lunch with him. That Thursday was no different. I was around him all day long! I was nervous that I'd give it away somehow, but I managed to keep myself together. 

I thought all day long about what I was going to do and finally thought of the perfect way to tell him. I bought my nephew Max a gown and blanket set before he was born and he had his newborn pictures made in it. After that, I purchased a boy and a girl set where all of our future kiddos can have the same pic! Love! 

This picture was taken during his newborn photoshoot.. Isn't that adorable?

So, I put both baby girl and baby boy outfits in a sweet little box and also snatched a picture of our sweet girl, Hallie from the fridge and printed "big sis"  on it. 

So, so precious. 

And of course the pregnancy test. 

I boxed it up and nervously waited for him to come home for work. I heard him pull in and I couldn't wait to tell him! I walked outside and met him in the garage. He was just fiddling around in there and I simply told him I had a gift for him inside and I'd be right back with it. As I was walking back in the garage with "gift" behind my back he said "I think it's a wallet.. that's the only thing I need." He always tries to guess what I'm giving him and he's usually right.

So, he opens the box and looks at it for what felt like forever. He finally looked up and asked me if I was pregnant. I was still asking myself the same thing! Ha! He then proceeds to ask me what we were going to do with "this". "This" meaning the box with the test, outfits and picture. I didn't understand what he meant at first but he soon explained that our house cleaner could potentially see the box and know we were expecting. This also made me laugh because out of everything going on in his head right now, THIS was what he was legitimately concerned about! Where to put the box!

My favorite thing he said after finding out? Just this gem: "Maybe you'll start liking peanut butter, Chinese food and onions! That's what I hope comes out of all of this."

Truthfully, Tanner is beyond excited. He is all about our sweet boy and I love this new side of him that I am getting to see. He gives sweet reactions when I show him outfits or talk about Baby B's future. He is a wonderful person, a great husband, and will be the best daddy. We are blessed.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Finding out

Documenting the adventures of my future  growing family has always been the reason behind the start of Mrs Brown and Company Blog. Those with fibromyalgia can relate, memory ain't too hot anymore. And I really didn't have a great "rememberer" before the fibro.

I hope to keep my blog current with my pregnancy journey and all things baby when my sweet Baby B arrives. I'd love for you to follow along! 

The day I found out I would soon be a mommy!  

I had my suspicions. I mean, I've never been pregnant so I really didn't know but.. something was different. I mentioned it to Tanner and he is very open minded and calm natured. He said I should wait a week or so then test. I kind of thought that was a good idea. But since I have always wanted to surprise him with being pregnant, I stopped talking about any of the early symptoms. Sneaky, I know. 

So without talking about it and kind of putting it out of my mind for a few days, I really didn't think about it much. Some may think that's crazy.. and looking back now it may be! But I would occasionally pat my belly and pray for the baby that could be inside there.

I had a birthing class (in the hospital I will deliver in) for my doula training after work one afternoon and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to pick up a test. So, I go to Walgreens and did the most awkward thing I have ever done. Buying a pregnancy test is so much more embarrassing than buying tampons. I have no idea why I was embarrassed. I felt everyone was staring at me and giving me a "oh!" look. Big eyes and a slight smile. I wanted out of there. I purchased 2 boxes of Clearblue pregnancy tests, deodorant (because I was sweating like a fool at Walgreens), a note pad for my birthing class and chocolate bar. What? I'm pregnant! ;)

I stuck my tests in my lunch box (didn't want Tanner to look in my purse) and ate my chocolate bar on the way to class. 

The birthing class teacher was a sweetie. She had us introduce ourselves and each lady announced her name and how many weeks pregnant she was. It was my turn and I quickly spit out "I'm Whitney! And I'm not pregnant..." Because I wasn't! Or maybe I was but didn't know forsure yet. And if I was pregnant, I wasn't telling them first! 

That was the very moment that it hit me. And  I almost cried. In that very moment I realized that I very well could be pregnant. The entire class I was thinking of how I really could have a baby in my belly. Because, I promise, I thought about it every morning and kind of wondered. I bought the tests and thought I could be. But it wasn't real to me until I declared I wasn't pregnant. 

Tanner met me in Owensboro and we went to our churches life groups that night. I didn't say a word! It was so hard not to talk to Tanner about my crazy afternoon, I tell him most everything! 

I brought the lunch box in the house and put it in a safe place I knew Tanner wouldn't look. The next morning I pulled the box out and took it to the bathroom with me. Knowing it could take a 3 minutes for it to give a result, I set a timer and tried not to look. But 10 seconds in this happened. 

Then I did the "oh!" look. For like ever. Then this happened. 

2-3 means 4-5 weeks pregnant. I almost died! I was 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I used 3 of the 4 tests because I thought Tanner may want to see one in action. All of them were positive and all them gave results in less than 15 seconds. 

I started thinking of ways I could tell Tanner. I took a picture with this Adopt Shoppe necklace I didn't even remember ordering but received it in the mail. I thought I may send it to him in a text but quickly decided I wanted to be with him when he heard the news. 

I was so shocked and excited and nervous and scared and happy and emotional. I had no words. I just remember busting out laughing several times on the way to work. Then I'd wipe a tear or two when I thought how special this was. I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't wait to tell my hubby about our growing family! <3

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big News

Tanner and I are so very excited to announce that we are expecting! A new little pumpkin will be added to our patch this spring! We are elated, thrilled and still a bit in shock! :) 

We have been asked probably a thousand times when we were going to have babies. Our plan was to hold off on kiddos until our dream house was built and we were absolutely positively ready to settled down and have children. We love to travel, follow Hunter's racing schedule and jump in the truck for a weekend trip to Nashville. We have loved the freedom of being married and doing whatever we wanted. We have cherished our time together, just the two of us. 

What's funny is, God had other plans. His plans and timing is perfect and I am so thankful he chose me to carry a beautiful creation of His! It truly is a gift. Watching my belly grow, hearing the heartbeat, seeing the baby wiggle on the ultrasound machine. It is overwhelmingly beautiful. 

Tanner and I have had a wonderful time surprising family members! Everyone knew our plan and had kind of calmed down with the baby questions. They've been shocked and so happy! Our baby will be loved. 

I will document how I found out and told Tanner, how we told our family and the details on our gender reveal party! YES... We already know what we're having! 

A precious little boy! More to come! 💙

Friday, August 22, 2014

Street Legal

Y'all, I'm struggling. Hunter is now legal to drive on the open road and it's terrifying. I have always felt like a momma to him and he grew up calling me "little momma". I have no idea how he went from a tiny little baby to this man that's taller than me! I don't like it.  

He's always been my buddy and I am so proud of him. He is such a grounded person and he loves The Lord with all of his heart. He is so smart and funny. I love spending time with him. 

He has been driving race cars and going way-too-super-fast for years. But that only adds fear to the equation! I won't even ride with him. I'm awful. 

But, he passed his drivers test today and he'll start driving to school Monday morning (which is 45 mins away). I will be awaiting a call or text saying he made it safely.. Or else. Big (overprotective) sisters world wide must be acting the same way! I know I'm not the only crazy. Orrr...?

All jokes aside, I know God has His hand on Hunter. He always has. Although it's hard to see him grow up and drive on his own, I will continue to trust The Lord and pray for his safety daily. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prayer Time {week 4}

I am still in aw of the names coming in for this prayer list. I told someone I thought I'd take a Prayer Time break after this week (in fear of driving everyone crazy) but after receiving more names than ever, I think I've changed my mind. 

But can I just tell you-- God is blessing these people in a huge way! Praise reports of no cancer, no surgery, judges making the right decision for a foster baby.. The list continues and this is only from last week! I'm thankful!

So, this week's list is extra large and needs extra prayers. Please join me! 

With all of these names it was hard to make it very pretty. But who cares if it's pretty? Screen shot a picture of the list NOW and set a reminder. Please, please, please. 

Now to happy mail winners! :-) I randomly chose April Hawkins. Then Tanner begged to draw another name and I let him. He (also randomly) chose my mommy! Melinda Baize! I need your address, April... And mom, I'll send yours to your mailbox that I know you NEVER check.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prayer Time {Week 3}

Afternoon, Friends!

Prayer time is so important. I am so thankful to know so many of you are joining me in prayer for the needs on the Prayer Time List. It has been so much fun and SO rewarding. None of this is for my benefit, guys. I really hope you understand that and see how sincere I am. This is all for the glory of The Lord! It truly is a blessing. 

I don't know about you but I love lists. I like to write (cute and decorated) lists and check my tasks off one by one. Use this Prayer Time List in the same way. Screen shot it or refer back to my blog during your prayer time to remember these needs. I'm tellin' ya-- YOU WILL BE BLESSED. God appreciates your efforts and He loves that you care about people you most likely don't even know! Prayer changes things. It changes lives. Be a part of someone's life being changed. Doesn't that sound exciting?!

God can touch these people and change the outcome of their situation. Be it cancer, court hearings, surgeries, death, sickness, bad relationships.. He's got this! Trust Him as you join me in prayer. 

Happy Mail winner this week is Ms Gail Vincent! Gail I am thankful for the opportunity to pray for you. Thank you for participating. Please email me {} your address. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prayer Time {Week 2}

Prayer Time {Week 2} only means one thing.. Prayer Time {Week 1} was a success! 

There were several needs given to me on Facebook and Instagram and I complied a list and posted it right here on my blog. So many people joined in and started praying for last week's Prayer Time List and of course, God heard AND ANSWERED many needs! I am so thankful and blessed for this opportunity to host such a life changing series. 

I have made a commitment to pray for the list every morning and every afternoon on my way to and from work. Can you make the same commitment? Can you sacrifice "your time" for someone else's needs? God will bless you for it! You may not know these people and you may not know these needs, but God does. Join me in prayer for these precious people. 

This week we are praying for two sweet mommies having babies any time now and two sweet families grieving a loss of a loved one. Be it during the birth of a precious baby or after a death of someone close to us, we need God's hand. God can be whatever it is that you need. Contact me via Facebook, Instagram or by email. I will add your need to next week's list and we can watch God move in your life.  

I sent out several pieces of  encouraging Happy Mail last week to those who added names to the list. This week (and every week here on out) is no different! This week, LaDonna Watkins is the Happy Mail recipient! LaDonna, thank you for adding your sweet family to the Prayer Time List. I am honored to pray for you and the sweet kiddos. Please email me your address and I will send you over something that I hope will make you smile. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Max is Two!

Today has always been a special day for my family. Mom and I would make a 3-layer Hershey Cake and fix a big lunch for the family as we celebrated Jordan's birthday. My sis-in-law's birthday is also in August and I fixed both of their birthday cakes for a few years. Things have changed a bit since we have gotten older, but the biggest change about August 3rd? Max. My first and only nephew decided to come on his daddy's birthday! How special!

Yesterday we celebrated with friends and family as our sweet boy turned two. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse style!
He is kind of covering it up a bit- but this boy is potty trained!
Aren't these the most adorable character cupcakes ever? We'll see the real deal in September. 
I painted these letters for my buddy. 
E + Max
We love you so BIG Max!
He chose a Donald cupcake. :)

Such a fun, adorable party! 

Same birthday boy, just 365 days a part. It's only every now and then I see the baby that he once was. After his party, I got him some chocolate milk and he kicked back in my arms. It melted my heart. As we sat there together, I almost cried thinking how much has changed in a years time. I highly doubt he'll want E to hold him and rock after his third birthday party next year. And that's ok! It makes me proud to watch him grow and learn. His mommy and daddy have done a wonderful job with him.

Max has a huge piece of my heart and that will never change! 2 or 27 (his daddy's age today). 

Happy birthday to a couple of my faves! We love you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prayer Time

Good Tuesday morning! 

You may have noticed something new yesterday as I was prompting people on my social media for prayer requests. I have been wanting to do this for some time now but was concerned that no one would participate. After stepping out on faith, several requests were sent to me. I prayed all day long for these needs and those who made the requests. 

I want to be connected to you. I want to use social media and my blog as a prayer line. I want you to be committed to praying for these needs daily and adding your own prayer requests (via email, FB or IG) for next week's Prayer Time. 

Screen shot, print or refer back to my blog daily to see and pray over these precious needs. That's what I'm doing- praying multiple times a day for these precious people. Cancer, heart break, losses, new jobs, hospital patients, teachers. We don't have to know the need, God knows. Join me. 

And as mentioned, I chose a few people who submitted requests to win some encouraging happy mail. Winners are: Tabby Brooke, Kellie Gish, Nicole Reynolds and someone who privately contacted me. Please email me your address. :) This is too fun. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer of Fun!

Whew! Tanner and I have been everywhere, man. Along with all of the fun summer activities we love, we have also devoted our summer to following around Hunter and his race team from track to track. We truly are having a blast! My planner stays booked and that is so unusual for me.

Just wanted to share some pics of our "Summer of Fun".

As I said, watching Hunter race is definitely a priority of ours. I think this race weekend will be the 5th we've attended. Only missing one; his BIG WIN. We followed and didn't miss a lap, but I am so sad we didn't actually get to see it. 

Lots of fun with this precious boy! I love how much he loves massage! Glad I get to put my massage license to use. 

Judged a pageant with my cousin Carlee and aunt Debbie. 

 We've also had a few dates and plenty of relaxing time by the pool. 

Most receintly, I hosted Carlee's baby shower and painted a special gift for Rylan. It was tons of fun! More of that to come in another blog post. 

We have had to leave our sweet Hallie at Canine Kingdom several times. She is obviously severely mistreated there. :) We miss her but love knowing she's in good hands with Ms. Teresa. 

All in all, this summer has already been one for the books. My busy schedule has gotten in the way of this whole blogging thing and a few people (mainly my two brothers) have filed complaints. So, HERE I AM! Don't quit me. :) 

Friday, June 20, 2014

five on friday

It's Friday!!

Today I am linking up with Natasha at Hello! Happiness and the rest of the Fivin' Friday gang. 

I purchased my sis-in-law a Plum Paper planner for Christmas last year and have since been jelly that I didn't get one for myself. My busy season is near and I couldn't help to justify my need for a new planner. It came in the beginning of this week and I LOVE IT! The tabs are super handy and I really like the layout. They have several different styles, layouts, designs. Go check them out. 

two. Tuesday
Tuesday was a busy day for me. I scheduled open enrollment at work which is always super crazy and on top of that, Carlee had an 4D ultrasound I was invited to. I left work at 1 and drove to Bowling Green with my girls and got to peek at Baby Rylan. 

He sure is a pretty boy!

We then go to Baby's-R-Us and spent quite a bit of time registering for her baby shower (that I am giving her! Super excited.) I was truly amazed at how complex a baby can be. I mean, I really didn't know you had to have 6 different types of "butt paste" on hand for all the different levels of baby butt rashes that could occur.  It's safe to say, I'm clueless. With kids, of course. 

Taking a quick shopping break. I was on the phone with my night shift manager. Maybe I'm so clueless about kids because work is my baby?

three. My hubby
I know I haven't had an update about Tanner joining me at work and I need to do that. But, it's going great. So great. I am so happy to have him at home every night with me. I came home to this sweet note the other night and I thought it was super sweet. I had judged a pageant and missed the entire afternoon with him. 

Why do I set my alarm for 4:30, you ask? Because that's what time Tanner gets up and I am his wakeup call. Lucky me! 

four. Race Weekend!
Hunter races in Salem, IN this weekend and that's about a 3 hour drive for us. That's the closest race of the season and about 80 of his "fans" driving down and I can't wait! 

Hunter's girlfriend, Hannah (who I adore), sent me a picture of a shirt she liked and I recreated it for her to wear at the races. I joked that I can't believe that I am ok with him having a long term girlfriend, much less me plastering it all over her shirt.. But Hannah is the only exception! I love her.

It turned out pretty cute. :)

five. 21 day fix
OUCH. I started Beachbody's 21 Day Fix yesterday and ohhh my gosh it hurts. I really enjoyed it, though and hopefully I'll have some super awesome results in 21 days. 

Have a great weekend, friends! 

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