Saturday, January 25, 2014


I found something really awesome I want to share with you. But something you should know beforehand: I DO NOT PAINT MY OWN NAILS. EVER. So don't judge the picture posted below. I don't claim to be a fancy nail artist.

Got it? :)

Have y'all heard of velvet manicures? I sure hadn't. I found this super awesome polish and velvet pot on birchbox and it arrived the same day I got a shellac mani. I kinda wanted to apply it right when I got home, but I waited. Shellac isn't cheap. :)

So, I applied it tonight. Since (again) I never paint my own nails, I settled on just painting 2 nails on each hand. Trying to keep things simple. It was so super easy and I couldn't wait for them to dry where I could tell you! 

The polish and velvet are the same color in my kit. A dark navy tone. You simply paint 2 coats of the polish and while it is still wet, dip your nail in the velvet pot. Tap off excess, dry for 15 minutes...And voila! You have a velvet mani!

My two velvety nails with my light pink shellac. 

I love the matte look. I really really hope the velvet sticks around and doesn't just fall off in a few days. I'm also wondering how the velvet will act when I was my hands. We shall see. 

Go to to purchase yours. Best part? $7! 

P.S. They look better in person. :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

More like David..

Shew! Business is booming at our office and I am going crazy with firewood orders. I feel like my main duty is avoiding the problems. A zillion times a day I get questioned on how I want someone to handle something. I use my best judgement, don't second guess myself and move on to the next fiasco. I do that so many times a day that it has become second nature to me to spout off an answer and move on. 

I read a devotion on David the other day. His obedience to the Lord was so great. He would win a battle and go back to his knees and ask God what to do next. He relied on God to direct his every move. 

"So David inquired of God again, and God answered him...." 1 Chron. 14:14

I know God has given me the skill and ability I need to do my job. That doesn't mean I don't need to ask for his guidance and wisdom. I want His direction in my workplace. I want our family business to flourish and grow. How better could I benefit the company than praying for God's will and direction? 

I know that God has big plans for me. I know that because He said He did! (Jeremiah 29:11) If I didn't consult Him on a decision, I would be doing myself a huge disservice! What God has for me is so much better than the plans I can devise. Although I know that, I am still guilty of getting ahead of myself and leaving Him out of the equation.  

One of my goals in 2014 is to specifically ask God what He has for me. It seems simple, but I am a control freak! I must remember He's got this.. He knows what He's doing. I want to be more like David. :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I have a life that's good..

Sweet friends at Luke Bryan concert. 
Celebrated 4 years of dating Mr Brown. 
Took my hubby to to Disney for the first time!
and took selfies with him:)
His mom took his paci away. Just the start of how much he grew up this year.
Planned (with my cousin, Carlee) a wonderfully fun 50th anniversary party for my sweet grandparents
Fun "Derby Tea" with church friends + momma
Played in a ladies softball league (first time ever) AND WON THE TOURNEY!
Spent a ton of time at race tracks this year.. Hunter had a wonderful season and just finished 5th (out of over 400) in a fan voted Most Popular Driver contest. Proud sis!

Max turned one. So crazy that he's now nearly 17 months old!
Busted my kneecap and spent a lot of time with a pillow under my left knee. Which gave me lots of time to read books to this little cutie.
Had a ton of fun this summer. 
We ran a 5K! 
Family vacation to 30A!
I turned 24..
Momma Jean turned 90.
Fun Fall memories with family and friends. 
Started eating Paleo in October and it has made a world of difference in my fibromyalgia. Thankful for that one!
Welcomed a precious baby into the world, baby Dallas!
Made memories with my sweet church family. 
Max was gifted a tractor that has been in our family since his daddy was a baby. 
Has a cool little movie date.. Doesn't he look so big?
Snow time fun!
Hunter turned 16. 
And topped it all off with a fantastic Christmas. 

I also started this blog this year. I love documenting my life and I'm blown away that ya'll want to read about it. 

Praying you all have a fantastic NEW YEAR! 


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