Saturday, January 25, 2014


I found something really awesome I want to share with you. But something you should know beforehand: I DO NOT PAINT MY OWN NAILS. EVER. So don't judge the picture posted below. I don't claim to be a fancy nail artist.

Got it? :)

Have y'all heard of velvet manicures? I sure hadn't. I found this super awesome polish and velvet pot on birchbox and it arrived the same day I got a shellac mani. I kinda wanted to apply it right when I got home, but I waited. Shellac isn't cheap. :)

So, I applied it tonight. Since (again) I never paint my own nails, I settled on just painting 2 nails on each hand. Trying to keep things simple. It was so super easy and I couldn't wait for them to dry where I could tell you! 

The polish and velvet are the same color in my kit. A dark navy tone. You simply paint 2 coats of the polish and while it is still wet, dip your nail in the velvet pot. Tap off excess, dry for 15 minutes...And voila! You have a velvet mani!

My two velvety nails with my light pink shellac. 

I love the matte look. I really really hope the velvet sticks around and doesn't just fall off in a few days. I'm also wondering how the velvet will act when I was my hands. We shall see. 

Go to to purchase yours. Best part? $7! 

P.S. They look better in person. :)


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