Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aunt Whitty, again. <3

Yep! Aunt Whitty is thrilled to announce that our family will be growing by two feet this coming September! Babies are such a blessing and we are thrilled!

My cousin Carlee and her boyfriend Luke are pregnant! Carlee has always been like a sister to me. She's two years younger than me and we have always been so close. She's basically the tiniest thing ever. And her little belly just looks a bit bloated. It's adorable! 

I am WAYYY happy that she chose me to help plan her gender reveal party. SO FUN!  

She has been sick which is unfortunate. But, totally worth the blessing we will be holding in a few months. She'll be 9 weeks Wednesday (I think). She's craving and eating and it's all so sweet!

I'm in love with this tiny Dino and I can't help but to think GIRL! Auntie's intuition, obviously. ❤️

...and a few photos of the mommy-to-be! 


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