Friday, March 7, 2014

It's a BOY!

I could NOT sleep last night. I was so anxious about finding out what Baby Shanks is gonna be. I woke up at 6 and stayed up for the rest of the day. My stomach was upset all day! Why? I knew I had a job to do and I couldn't rest easy until it was finished. 

My job? Stuffing the big black balloon with blue or pink confetti and letting the florist lady fill it with helium. The florist closed at 12 and Carlee and Luke's ultrasound was at 11:30. {So now you see why I was so anxious} The ultrasound tech was quick and I got the "it's a boy!" text and all went well. THANKFULLY!

After my job was done, Debbie {Carlee's mom and my one and only aunt} tried her best to get the gender out of me. Even lied once about seeing "a piece of confetti that dropped". She made me crazy.. But I probably would have done the same to her if the roles were reversed. :))

Chalk board art is my speciality! 

Guest arrived and we had everyone eat first... Against their will. Everyone wanted to know the gender so bad. And I may have bragged a bit about knowing before everyone else. Ok.. I bragged a lot. 

It was finally time for the reveal and Carlee is holding the balloon and Luke has the pin in his hand ready to pop. I'm in the floor with my phone {videoing was also my job} and I'm so excited to capture this moment. Balloon popped- crowd goes wild- I get a shot of the crowd... And turn the record button off {or so I thought}. It was actually never on. I felt like a failure until I realize everyone else videoed, too! 

Blue confetti!

Everyone is thrilled with a baby boy joining our family in September. Baby Shanks will be 2 years younger than Max. They will have a blast together. 

It's been such a great day! 


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