Saturday, April 12, 2014

Guest Post: Tutorial {enlarged photos}

I have something fun planned for today! A sweet friend of mine is taking over my blog for a craft tutorial! YAY! Mrs Jenna Payton and I went to high school together and have always stayed in touch. She is a craft fanatic and I envy her mad skills. She and I are also alike in the fact that our initials didn't change when we got married.. and I just noticed that when I typed her married last name! :) 

Listen up, folks!  

My name is Jenna Payton. I am a wife to Kaleb, mom of 2 furbabies {Lulu and Molly}, Family and Consumer Science high school teacher, diy crafter, Pinterest enthusiast, and a small business owner. 

Recently, one of my Pinterest boards was features as a board of the week. Super excited about this! Weekly emails go out to millions of Pinteresters featuring board that are interesting and one was MINE!!! This inspired me and I organized my Pinterest and made it ready to impress new followers! I currently have 87 boards that are very neatly organized and I am adding to those daily. Follow me!

The small business came from a hobby. I started making wooden door décor hangers for myself. After posting these on Facebook it created a buzz. I started getting asking to make them for others and just branched off into a business. Designs by Jenna can be found at On Main in Greenville, KY and The Gift Horse in Madisonville, KY, and ordered online. Coming soon to Etsy as well. 2013 was my first business year and it is going great! Check out my designs

While I love everything I do my real passion is a diy crafter (thank you Pinterest for the millions of ideas). The latest craft project: Super easy and cheap way to enlarge pictures

To start this project simply find the pictures you want to enlarge and save to a flash drive.

Take your flash drive to the nearest Staples.  Ask to get your pictures printed as engineering prints. They offer 3 different sizing to choose from.

18” x 24” for $1.79
24” x 36” for $3.59 currently on sale for $3.00
36” x 48” for $7.29

I choose the 24” x 36”. Most stores can do it while you wait some ask for you to come back the next day. If you have a drive it would be a good idea to call ahead.

Now, that you have your prints…go to Lowe’s. You are looking for foam board.  The board I found would fit all three of my pictures on it. It cost $28.00. However, if you wanted to go super cheap you could use cardboard or a foam piece out of a shipping box.  Next, you need an adhesive.  Loctite spray adhesive ($7) from Lowe’s works the best and will not cause wrinkles in your pictures

Measure the foam piece and cut down to the desired size. You want the print to wrap around the board so allow for that. I used my trusty jig saw that I cut my door décor out for my business. However, I understand that not everyone has one of those lying around. A simple box cutter will work just fine.

Once the foam board is cut to size, spray a thin layer of adhesive to the board and sides of board. Lay the print on top. Center and press down to board. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. Fold the sides of print around the board. Carefully fold corners to look neat.

I was worried that my sides would not hold. I used staples around the back to make sure the sides would stay in place. Tape could also be used. 

Voila! Finished! Just hang in desired location! Cheap, easy, and fast way to create an enlarged print. 


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