Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring cleaning on a snow day

Y'all. Tanner and I literally spent over 6 hours spring cleaning the basement. Deeeeeep cleaning. The basement. On a snow day. If you know me, you know I hate my basement. I really don't know why, but I never {NEVER} never go down there. I'll stack a few items by the basement door and ask Tanner to take them down for me on his next trip.

Welllll, he was doing as I asked.... But it created a huge mess. I'm embarrassed to show you. BUT-- I will show you. Because I want to be real. I mean, y'all have dirty basements. Right?

Here it is. Don't zoom in. 

So, my Christmas tree is standing up (without the top section) because that's Tanner's idea of "taking down the Christmas tree". Luggage, wreaths, totes. Airmattress, an actual mattress, box springs and bed frame. Lots of stuff in totes from Tanner's mom's house. He brought a ton of "keepsakes" when he moved. I don't think I even own a keepsake. Ha!

We trashed a lot of things we probably should have donated or yard saled or even kept. We were just so done with it. And we filled half of a dumpster up with 2  pick up truck loads of trash. Again, I'm embarrassed. 

I swept the floors, Shark steam cleaned them {I just love my Shark, and I don't get paid to say it ((wink)) } twice, and borrowed my SIL's Rainbow for my carpets. The Rainbow is a vacuum that like suuuuper deep cleans. I was shocked to see the crap in my carpet. So gross. 

My basement is the same square footage as my main living area. Which seems crazy to me because we don't even  utilize 20% of it!  Our house was built in 1959 and the upstairs has been completely remodeled {with the exception of my horrid kitchen cabinets and my beautiful original hardwood flooring}. 

We have put a lot of work in our home over the past 3 1/2 years. New roof, we fenced in our back yard, remodeled the bathroom and back porch, and refinished the hardwood floors. In all of our remodeling endeavors, we have never touched the basement. 

The hours of TLC it received was crucial to my sanity. I am so pleased with the results. 

Drum roll pleeeease. 

Bad lighting and not-so-pretty paneling.. But clean. So very, very clean. 

Everything is in a tote and is neatly stored  away. 

All of the empty totes that previously were full of junk. I actually thought I needed to purchase totes before we got started! Boy was I wrong!

We also put up our old queen size bed in the basement bedroom. We moved it down there when we got our beloved Sleep Number California King. It was collecting dust and we had the space. So up it went. 

I also cleaned the heck out of my front loaders. I will never own another front load washer/drier set. Ever. The things are dirty! But they are now sparkling like new. 

Tanner and I went to my grandparent's house tonight for soup, sandwiches and banana pudding. Yum. I was so thankful we didn't have to cook or go out after an exhausting day. 

We are worn out and hanging on the couch for the rest of the night. My goal is to stay awake until The Blacklist goes off. My favorite show on television right now! 

Good night, lovelies! 


Brandon Johnson said...

Judging by the looks of your basement, this was definitely a busy day for you. Did you do it yourself? I hope you had at least someone to help you, especially with moving some of the heavy stuff. How did the carpet cleaning go? There are lots of natural carpet cleaning solutions out there, if you're interested, one of which is vinegar. :)

Brandon Johnson @ Anew Carpet Cleaning

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