Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest Post: A Leap of Faith + Adopt Shoppe Auction

I met the sweet Hudson family over a year ago and let me just say, these are genuine people. I have been praying about a way to contribute to their adoption fundraising efforts and  felt led to auction some of my Adopt Shoppe collection. This auction will take place on my Instagram account (@mrsbrownandco) between Monday at 8PM and Tuesday at 8PM.  These coveted necklaces are gorgeous and I can't wait to show you which ones are up for grabs! I will post the selection on Instagram very soon. Can't wait until Monday! 

But, in the meantime, get to know the Hudson fam!

A Leap of Faith

Jon and Christella with their children Grace, Miley, Freddy, Oliver and Kalli

If you asked me anytime in the past couple of years if we intended to have more children, a definitive "yes" would not have been the answer you received.  I would usually respond with something like this:

"I don't think so.  Three children is already a lot, and frankly, I'm exhausted! However, if there is one thing I have learned in life, it's that I never know what God has in store.  If we felt God was calling us to have more children, then we would do it, but I would need to be absolutely positive it was God's calling. I would need God to write me a letter, just so things were perfectly clear!"

Little did we know, God was (again) working a change in our selfish and stubborn hearts.  One day, the realization hit me that God has in fact already written us a letter - the Bible!  His Word gives us the instruction we need, and the call to care for orphans is prevalent throughout that precious letter!  When I turned to my husband to say, "He HAS written us a letter!", I was halfway crying, somewhere between shock and excitement as I grasped the reality of what that meant.  :)  

It's not that God calls every person to adopt - there are many ways each of us can actively engage in the orphan crisis.  Read Orphanology by Tony Merida and Rick Morton for suggestions.  Prayer alone is a powerful way to fight for the fatherless.  Maybe your prayers are the reason we are adopting!  But we feel God has made it clear that adoption is one of the ways our family can advocate for orphans.

So, I guess the exhaustion will just continue!  :)  But we’re so thankful it will.  We love our kiddos ferociously, and are ecstatic that we will have TWO more!  That’s right – God did not stop by opening our hearts to just one child, but two!!  Our amazing son, Oliver, is 4-years-old and has albinism.  He is beyond stunning inside and out.  Personality PLUS!  Our beautiful baby girl is 2-years-old and has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.  We are naming her Kalli Faith, meaning “beautiful faith”, in recognition of how God has led us to her.  Never, ever, ever, ever would we have dreamed we would be a family of 7.  Yet here we are, praising God and thanking Him and still not fully understanding why He is blessing us with the precious responsibility of discipling five amazing little lives!

God has been shaping us and molding us to recognize something - IT IS NOT ABOUT US!  It's not about whether we are tired or worn out from working through temper tantrums or doing endless piles of laundry.  It's not about whether or not we'll have money to take a vacation, or be able to involve our children in any extra-curricular activities.  It's about family.  It's about sacrifice, which really is so very, very minuscule compared to the sacrifice Jesus made to adopt us into his family.  It's about loving God so much we'll do whatever He calls us to do.  It's about precious children in the world who deserve to have a family.



The sacrifice we have seen from our family and friends in support of this journey has been overwhelming.  Total costs to bring both children home is upwards of $43,000.  I can confirm that we earn less than that in one year, yet God has brought us $32,000 of those expenses!!  Those are some c-r-a-z-y numbers!  The generosity and love has been God-honoring.  While the work has been hard, and we’ve had many moments of worry and stress, it has been a rewarding time.  It has been a learning experience, giving us insight on how we look at helping others.

Recently, I was asked if we wished we could continue having biological children.  My simple answer, "No."  God had a plan for our family, and we are thankful He's allowed us to have children both biologically and through adoption.  This process did not begin for us with just the desire to have more children.  It came from the burden on our hearts for orphans.  All our children are OUR children, no matter how they arrived in our arms, equally precious and fully loved.

I have to say, God is SO cool!  If you sincerely pray for Him to change your heart to desire the things He does, He will do it!  And thankfully, He is patient and takes things slowly with us.  He knows how selfish we are and how long it takes us to come around.  :)

New Little Hudsons, we are ON OUR WAY! 

Read more from Christella and the Hudson crew here.

(The Adopt Shoppe approved this auction.)


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