Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Take This Job and Shove It..

Mr Brown has officially put in his two week notice and I can share the good news! 

He has joined our team at B & K Wood Products and my family couldn't be more thrilled to have him. He has a great respect for the forest industry and the business my family has operated for four generations. We will be working together on several projects and I am excited to see how that goes. I have always said that we would work well together. 

Tanner has worked at a surface mining facility for over three years now and while I have always been thankful for his job, I have never liked his schedule. He works both day and night shift while rotating four days/nights on, four days/nights off. They give us a calendar for the year and that's how it goes. He misses about every other month of church (because he works four Sundays in a row) and that is so incredibly hard on us. 

I am proud of Tanner and the passion he has for his work. He is a wonderful employee and I am certain his boss will hate to see him go. I may be biased, but I think we made the best hire we have ever made. :)

I am so excited about spending more time with my husband and (hopefully) never have to give him up to night shift again! I love him too much. 


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