Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Best weekend ever!

Friday night Tanner and I sat on the couch and caught up on all of our many shows. We brought food home and ate on the couch. That's nothing unusual. :)

Saturday we ate breakfast together then I became Tanner's employee and he bossed me around as he mowed. I did a lot of round-upping and such. It was a beautiful day and I was just happy to be outside. We met our friends for supper and I loved on sweet Dallas. 

This morning we slept in (until after 8) and then got up and ready for church. After a Panera breakfast (Tanner had 3.5 souffl├ęs) I led worship with some super fun kiddos. 

Then Keila sent me this adorable picture of Max. He's a handsome little boy.. And no longer my sweet baby!

We got home from church, napped and went to work at Carlee's salon {Bombshell}. Grand opening is Saturday and it's going to be so much fun. I'm excited about the bouncy house! 

The entire family showed up at Bombshell and all productivity halted. Max had us all at his disposal. He used his new bubble gun to "shoot" his nana and papaw. 

Gahhh... Can't get any cuter!

We all ate together then parted ways. Funny how I'll be seeing everyone again tomorrow, Lord willing. Not everyone is as blessed as I am, and I realize that. On most days, I see all of my close relatives. We are a tight knit family. We are all strong, confident people on our own.. But when you have us all together, we're nearly unstoppable.

Rest up, tomorrow starts a new week! :)


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