Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Getaway

We took a little weekend trip to Nash a few weeks ago and had the best time.
My relaxing weekend started out that Saturday morning with a lovely pedicure and a blowout and style (by my fave, Carlee). Not having to fix my hair is like.. the best gift ever. Tanner had been mowing a few of his yards and we got home at the same time and took an hour nap. 

We woke up, threw some clothes in a suitcase and headed to Nashville for the night. We went to the Opry and had a great time. Little Big Town and Vince Gill were there and were wonderful. We love the Opry and go as often as we can. I booked this trip not even knowing who the guests were.. because we don't care!

Only the world's worst picture of LBT at the Opry. 

We stayed at the Opryland Hotel which is always nice. So pretty and very convenient. We just so happened to be placed on the same hall as a group of band kids. Which could be the reason we woke up early Sunday morning. 

I had planned to sleep in but that didn't happen. We grabbed some coffee and a light breakfast and I headed out to Relache, the spa at Opryland and Tanner headed back to the room to pack up our things. 

The spa is super super nice and I so enjoyed it. I honestly can't wait to go back and I would definitely request the same therapist. They have a great staff and every amenity you could dream up! 

Tanner wanted to run in the mall and get some new sunglasses and I agreed, although I was a grease ball from the massage. While there, my husband was hit on by some girl who knew him from school or something. She knew he was married but he has lost his ring so she must have thought he was fair game. Wrong. When I came out of the store and witnessed this girl lovin' on my husband, I got a little (a LOT) but mad. 

We walked away from that little encounter and headed straight to the jewelry store. I made a purchase I wasn't planning on making, but Mr. Brown had to have a new wedding band. :)

We love getting away for the weekend. We know that while it's just the two of us, we better get to going! In the next few months we're going back to Disney with the fam and then taking another trip to the resort we honeymooned at for a belated 3 year anniversary gift. 

Weekend trips with my husband are always a good time. I love doing life with you, Tan!


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