Friday, June 20, 2014

five on friday

It's Friday!!

Today I am linking up with Natasha at Hello! Happiness and the rest of the Fivin' Friday gang. 

I purchased my sis-in-law a Plum Paper planner for Christmas last year and have since been jelly that I didn't get one for myself. My busy season is near and I couldn't help to justify my need for a new planner. It came in the beginning of this week and I LOVE IT! The tabs are super handy and I really like the layout. They have several different styles, layouts, designs. Go check them out. 

two. Tuesday
Tuesday was a busy day for me. I scheduled open enrollment at work which is always super crazy and on top of that, Carlee had an 4D ultrasound I was invited to. I left work at 1 and drove to Bowling Green with my girls and got to peek at Baby Rylan. 

He sure is a pretty boy!

We then go to Baby's-R-Us and spent quite a bit of time registering for her baby shower (that I am giving her! Super excited.) I was truly amazed at how complex a baby can be. I mean, I really didn't know you had to have 6 different types of "butt paste" on hand for all the different levels of baby butt rashes that could occur.  It's safe to say, I'm clueless. With kids, of course. 

Taking a quick shopping break. I was on the phone with my night shift manager. Maybe I'm so clueless about kids because work is my baby?

three. My hubby
I know I haven't had an update about Tanner joining me at work and I need to do that. But, it's going great. So great. I am so happy to have him at home every night with me. I came home to this sweet note the other night and I thought it was super sweet. I had judged a pageant and missed the entire afternoon with him. 

Why do I set my alarm for 4:30, you ask? Because that's what time Tanner gets up and I am his wakeup call. Lucky me! 

four. Race Weekend!
Hunter races in Salem, IN this weekend and that's about a 3 hour drive for us. That's the closest race of the season and about 80 of his "fans" driving down and I can't wait! 

Hunter's girlfriend, Hannah (who I adore), sent me a picture of a shirt she liked and I recreated it for her to wear at the races. I joked that I can't believe that I am ok with him having a long term girlfriend, much less me plastering it all over her shirt.. But Hannah is the only exception! I love her.

It turned out pretty cute. :)

five. 21 day fix
OUCH. I started Beachbody's 21 Day Fix yesterday and ohhh my gosh it hurts. I really enjoyed it, though and hopefully I'll have some super awesome results in 21 days. 

Have a great weekend, friends! 


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