Sunday, June 8, 2014

If it could happen..

I feel like I know a handful of people that the saying "if it could happen, it would happen to you" would apply to. One being my sweet, sweet sister-in-law, Keila. It does make me sad because her path in life just hasn't been an easy one.

Keila is always doing something for someone else and is the true testimony of James 1:27. I am so thankful that she is in my life and that we are as close as we are. With our tight knit family, my brother realllly had my life in jeopardy when choosing a wife.  Thankfully, he truly did me a favor in marrying Keila and I have always been grateful for her. 

She found out she was a diabetic when her and Jordan were just dating. I've watched from the wings for many years now and I'm always amazed at her strength. She handles her doctor appointments, biopsies, surgical procedures and hospital stays like a champ. 

She had surgery Wednesday to have her thyroid taken out and yesterday was admitted to the hospital with 2 blood clots. She spent another night in the hospital and Tanner and I visited her this afternoon. While we were visiting, her hematologist came in to discuss treatment. She had never been a patient of his before so the doctor went over her health history. I heard her tell the doctor that she had never been pregnant, they were made parents through adoption and she has since had a hysterectomy. She continued with a list a mile long. Detail after detail. 

It. Broke. My. Heart. 

Keila is so strong, so brave, so inspiring. While I would have chosen a cake-walk-kind-of-life for her, God chose otherwise. And Keila is perfectly fine with the path God had for her. He knew if anyone could handle menopause and an almost 2 year old, it would be my sister. God knew Keila wouldn't throw the towel in. He knew her before she ever existed and knew His precious girl would tackle these obstacles and stand firm in Him. 

Keila is taking medication for her clots and is now resting at home. I just simply believe in drawing attention to the qualities you love in people. I don't want to save all of my "she was a good person" lines for funerals and life threatening occasions. I want to give credit when it is due. And everyone that knows Keila would undoubtably give her a standing ovation! We only have a certain amount of time here on this earth and I feel like we should reach out and give encouraging words to those struggling. Or standing o's to those doing life like a pro. And, Ke, that's you. You're doing great. 

Update: Keila had her stitches taken out yesterday (Wednesday) and is feeling much, much better. The pathology report from the nodules they removed came back clear! And we are also assuming her blood clots have dissipated because she can't feel them anymore. I think she feels like living again! Ha! Really though, it was so tough on her. I am updating because I received so many texts and emails from sweet readers that wanted to keep up with Keila as she recovered. Ya'll are too kind and I am very appreciative of the love and prayers you all have devoted to my fam. I am so very thankful for a good report and that things are getting back to normal around here. Although, I am missing my extra time with Max. :)


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