Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prayer Time

Good Tuesday morning! 

You may have noticed something new yesterday as I was prompting people on my social media for prayer requests. I have been wanting to do this for some time now but was concerned that no one would participate. After stepping out on faith, several requests were sent to me. I prayed all day long for these needs and those who made the requests. 

I want to be connected to you. I want to use social media and my blog as a prayer line. I want you to be committed to praying for these needs daily and adding your own prayer requests (via email, FB or IG) for next week's Prayer Time. 

Screen shot, print or refer back to my blog daily to see and pray over these precious needs. That's what I'm doing- praying multiple times a day for these precious people. Cancer, heart break, losses, new jobs, hospital patients, teachers. We don't have to know the need, God knows. Join me. 

And as mentioned, I chose a few people who submitted requests to win some encouraging happy mail. Winners are: Tabby Brooke, Kellie Gish, Nicole Reynolds and someone who privately contacted me. Please email me your address. :) This is too fun. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer of Fun!

Whew! Tanner and I have been everywhere, man. Along with all of the fun summer activities we love, we have also devoted our summer to following around Hunter and his race team from track to track. We truly are having a blast! My planner stays booked and that is so unusual for me.

Just wanted to share some pics of our "Summer of Fun".

As I said, watching Hunter race is definitely a priority of ours. I think this race weekend will be the 5th we've attended. Only missing one; his BIG WIN. We followed Speed51.com and didn't miss a lap, but I am so sad we didn't actually get to see it. 

Lots of fun with this precious boy! I love how much he loves massage! Glad I get to put my massage license to use. 

Judged a pageant with my cousin Carlee and aunt Debbie. 

 We've also had a few dates and plenty of relaxing time by the pool. 

Most receintly, I hosted Carlee's baby shower and painted a special gift for Rylan. It was tons of fun! More of that to come in another blog post. 

We have had to leave our sweet Hallie at Canine Kingdom several times. She is obviously severely mistreated there. :) We miss her but love knowing she's in good hands with Ms. Teresa. 

All in all, this summer has already been one for the books. My busy schedule has gotten in the way of this whole blogging thing and a few people (mainly my two brothers) have filed complaints. So, HERE I AM! Don't quit me. :) 
Mrs. Brown and Co
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