Sunday, November 2, 2014

Telling our family

I told my momma at 7 weeks. I had some minor complications and Tanner didn't have much advice to offer. :) I didn't do anything special to surprise her, just told her I was pregnant. She was shocked and thrilled at the same time.. But quickly said "you could have given me a cupcake or something!" Ha! Sorry mom!

We knew we'd have to tell the rest of my fam at 10 weeks when we went to Disney. Mom, Dad, Jordan, Keila, Max, Hunter, and Hannah. We all stayed in a villa together and there was no hiding my morning sickness, extreme exhaustion or my lack of interest in the rides I used to love. 

After arriving at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge we all changed and got ready to head to Epcot. I mentioned I wanted a picture before we left the hotel and Tanner jumped right in to play photographer (actually videographer). He turned the video on my phone and gets us all positioned before saying "everyone say Whitney's pregnant!"  

My mom made the first reaction. She had no clue we were telling the fam yet. She screamed, "what?!" But that was it. No one else said anything. Actually they were all still smiling at the camera! I turned around and looked at everyone, kind of wondering why they weren't reacting. Keila quickly asked me if I was pregnant and when I nodded, she went nuts! Hannah was frozen with a shocked look on her face and my daddy was holding his heart like he was about to die! Jordan keeps smiling at the camera and Max is looking around at everyone like we were crazy! Hunter's reaction was funny and mom is jumping up and down still screaming! I've watched the video a thousand times. Watching each person individually. Still makes me giggle. 

Here is a still screen shot of the video! Love!

They were so thrilled and we talked about the baby the entire vacation and that was fine with me! We hadn't been able to freely talk about anything and it felt so good to be able to discuss baby stuff especially with my sister-in-law. 

My shirt says "Future Mouseketeer on the way!"

Side note: A Disney trip while 10 weeks pregnant is very difficult. I was exhausted and the heat was too much. Don't worry, I did drink plenty of water. I don't suggest going to Disney in the first trimester. 

We told Tanner's mom after an ultrasound and she was one of the first people to see an ultrasound picture. She was excited, too. She was basically the only person who thought the baby was a boy. 

We told my grandparents, aunt and uncle by dressing the boys (my nephews) in Big Cuz shirts. It took awhile for them to catch on to that, but they eventually got it. ;-)

Adorable shirts made by my awesome SIL, Keila. 

A very blurry picture of me and the big cousins! 

Our family is so supportive and can't wait to welcome the first little Brown Baby. 

Mrs. Brown and Co
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