Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reveal Party

Our Reveal Party was in October, but I haven't blogged about it and that's something I want to remember! So here goes..

My 25th birthday was kind of a blur. Mom, dad and Hunter were racing on my actual birthday (Oct. 10th). My mom did cook me a birthday dinner a few days before and we hung out with the fam that night. But it was just small and sweet. Tanner got me a really good camera and in my emotional state (14 weeks pregnant) I cried like a baby. He always gets thoughtful gifts. Thinks of them himself and surprises the heck out of me. 

We had told everyone we didn't want to find out early what the gender was. And really, Tanner didn't want to (at first). But, I had this idea.. And ran it by Tanner and he loved it. 

My plan was for Tanner and I to secretly go to Precious View and do the gender ultrasound. Then gather my fam and a few close friends and surprise them. How did I gather friends? I called my super awesome sister-in-law and told her I needed her to plan a "surprise birthday party" for me. Since some of my fam was out of town and I didn't have a birthday cake.. I thought she could sell a story of how "Whitney was upset that her 25th birthday was small and not really celebrated". Which was far from the truth! But a great cover story. 

At Precious View. 14 weeks. 

So she goes to work. Of course she does. She loves doing things like this. She was the only person who knew we were doing the gender ultrasound and kept it a complete secret. Keila planned this super cute (purple and teal= boy or girl) party for our surprise gender reveal! 
Tanner and I walk into my parents house on Oct. 13th and they yelled "surprise", haha it still cracks me up that we pulled it off. My dad started to explain how sorry he was that my birthday kind of just passed without much of a celebration and this party was a birthday "do over". I quickly stopped him and informed everyone that I already knew they would all be here tonight. My mom responded "all of us?" Haha! Yes. All of you. 

Best SIL ever.. And my Max!

I was getting reallllly odd looks, so Tanner and I gave them the run down. That we knew the gender and this "birthday party" is actually a gender reveal party!! *And the crowd goes wild!*

So, Tanner has the teal (boy) balloon and I have the purple (girl) balloon. We both blow them up a tiny bit to confuse our audience. But, in the end, I let my purple balloon deflate and Tanner blew the teal balloon all the way up. And that's when my family lost all hope in having a baby girl in the family! Haha! But we were all so excited that Max, Rylan and Baby B will be besties during school, sports and everything in between. 

Action shots!

We are thrilled that we're expecting a boy! 

I was so small here! And I thought I was enormous! 

Max and E on Reveal Day!

All 3 of my babes! <3<3<3

Love them so much!

The party was adorable and so perfect. Keila did a wonderful job. Just my fam and a few close friends. Which is the way I like it. :)

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