Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cannon Knox-- Birth Story

The work week was going by as normal. I was 39 weeks pregnant and was still working every day. Carlee and Keila wanted to color Easter eggs with the boys on Good Friday, so I stayed home from work and went to mom's to join them. I didn't feel great but that wasn't anything unusual. My pregnancy wasn't terrible by no means, but it was harder than I thought it was going to be. 

My last preggo pic! Rylan was loving on Baby Cannon already. :) And I am oh so huge. 

I was dizzy and sick to my stomach so after the girls left, I rested at mom's house because I was scared to drive. Tanner brought the blood pressure cuff over when he got off work and sure enough my blood pressure was low. The nurse didn't seem too concerned and told me to lay on my left side and it should regulate. While I was resting, mom and dad picked up supper at Philly's and my last meal before baby was a ribeye, baked potato and green beans. Yum! 

Tanner and I went home after supper and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 9:30 and went to the bathroom. I was still having dizzy spells so Tanner was watching me like a hawk. I was walking out of the bathroom when my water broke. Nothing like the movies, but enough that I knew what had happened. I stopped dead in my tracks and Tanner thought I was dizzy and came running. I informed him I was not dizzy, but that he needed to jump in the shower because we would be heading to the hospital soon. Baby Boy was on his way! 

I was very calm and even vacuumed a few rugs before I finished packing. Tanner loaded up the car and we were on our way. I was feeling fine at first. I called mom and Keila and let them know what was going on. I told them to stay home until I was sure I was staying at the hospital, and for some strange reason they listened! :) I started feeling a bit of pain and pressure when we were fairly close (the hospital is a 45 minute drive). And it just so happened that we had to take a detour to get on the parkway. Convenient. 

We got to the hospital at 11:00pm. I only know that because I snapped this picture before we made it in. I was feeling lots of pressure and the few contractions I timed were 4 minutes apart. We checked in at the desk and I begged the lady to let me go to the bathroom. She was concerned that they would need a urine sample and made me hold it. 

The ER doctor checked me and I was 2cm and 85%. Which was basically what I was on Tuesday at my appointment. I was a little bummed I hadn't progressed any more than that but was very happy Cannon was coming! They moved me to a labor and delivery room and got settled in for a long night of labor. 

I was very open minded with my birthing plan. I didn't think I wanted an epidural and I wanted to walk and be active to progress labor. I wasn't aware that after your water breaks, they don't want you to get out of bed. I somehow convinced the on call doctor to let me walk back and forth to the bathroom. That was nice. The bedpan option doesn't sound very pretty. 

The nurse wanted to start me on pitocin but I begged her to give me time to progress on my own. After an hour, I was still 2cm, so she hooked me up to pitocin. I knew pitocin makes contractions come faster and stronger, but I wasn't hurting bad enough (yet) for an epidural. When I did start contracting hard but still was holding off on the epidural, the nurse offered me Stadol to manage my pain. Next thing I know, I'm super drunk, sleepy and a lot of my memory of labor stops here. I wish I had known the side effects of that drug, I wouldn't have taken it. 

The Stadol controlled my pain for a short time and the pitocin was hitting me hard. Contractions so close together I couldn't even recover before another one was coming. Tanner was doing fabulous and was equipped with a puke bucket, cold wash cloth and a sprite. After every contraction passed he would give me a drink and help cool me down. I feel like I paid him to be my birth coach, he was that great. Thankful. 

Contractions kept coming stronger and harder. And I requested my epidural at 5cm. I knew that there was a situation arising where the Anesthesiologist could potentially be unavailable due to a c section of twins. Sure enough, she was back in surgery when I was ready for it! I was in full blown, crazy painful, like the movies labor that seemed like an out of body experience. Unbearable pain.  They ended up turning my pitocin off and had to give me a shot to slow me down because Cannon's heart rate was being effected by the hard and fast contractions. 

They finally came to do my epidural and they let Tanner stay with me. I knew they normally make visitors leave during this time but I think they were scared to take Tanner from me! He was so much help and I would have lost my mind if they took him out of the room. I kept asking when it would kick in and if this was my last contraction before it would start working. The epidural was nothing compared to contractions! And it finally started working sometime after 4:30am, thank God!

After the epidural, I felt like living again. The doctor checked me about 20 minutes later and I was at 9cm! Mom and Keila came back and I actually felt like talking. They helped me brush my hair and look a bit more presentable. Tanner took this time to rest. I had worn him out, I'm sure. :) 

I was fully dilated at 6:30am but they wanted me to hold off for a little while where Cannon could drop some more on his own. We got the ball rolling a little after 7. I pushed for what felt like a few minutes while Tanner counted and breathed with me. Our last moments of a family of two will always be special to me. He worked so hard and was a tremendous help. Before we knew it, there was a tiny pink baby laying on my chest. 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 1/4 inches and born at 7:41. I was in disbelief! He is so perfect and precious in every way. 

Our first look at Cannon Knox! My doctor is wonderful and I adore her. 

One of the nurses grabbed my camera and snapped a million pictures. I'm so glad she did! I love the look on Tanner's face here. 

Our first family picture! 

Cannon was very calm and didn't cry much. He found a comfy spot on my chest and was very content. After our skin to skin session, mom and Keila came back to see him. Their reactions were precious and these photos are priceless to me!

Only family came to visit him in the hospital. It was Easter weekend so everyone was busy and the three of us had lots of quiet time together in the hospital. I needed lots of quiet time, those after baby hormones are no joke.

All in all, my birthing experience was wonderful. The new hospital is super nice and I had excellent nurses. Cannon's nursery nurse Katie was my absolute favorite. 

Cannon is a great baby. He has lots of people in his life that are crazy over him. Tanner and I are so thankful for a healthy boy.  God has been so good to us. 

His visitors- Melinda & Robbie, Jordan, Keila and Max, Donna, Carlee & Rylan, Debbie & Del, Janie & Allen. (Uncle Hunter was at church camp)

Here are a few of my favorite hospital pictures-

Cannon getting his hair washed. 

Uncle J is for sure in Cannon's top 5 favorite people. 

Our sweet little Easter boy.

Waving bye to all of his sweet nurses!

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