Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life with Cannon

To say that we've adjusted well wouldn't be telling the truth. It's been hard. Our sweet boy is absolutely the most precious thing on the planet and we love him more than words. But he was a very hard baby and I felt like I was in over my head for several months! Thankfully, I lived to blog about it. (:

Starting from the beginning, the kid couldn't latch to save his life. I had great nurses and a wonderful lactation consultant (one terrible LC, too) but he only latched maybe twice in the hospital. I was an over producer and really wanted him to have my milk but I wasn't super concerned with how he got it. So, I pumped and bottlefed him. In the beginning he was super patient. He had terrible gas and we tried every bottle ever made to combat that. But still, super calm and easy going. Things changed at 3 weeks. He started screaming in pain, hating his bottle, curling up in a ball, spitting up constantly. I knew it was reflux from the beginning. I tried natural remedies first, infant massage techniques and essential oils. At 6 weeks life was pretty tough. I finally took him to his doctor and she watched him take a bottle of breastmilk. We left there that day with formula and I stopped  pumping. Days later we started his first medicine, then we switched formula, then we switched medicine, then we switched formula again. No matter what we tried he screamed his tiny heart out. It was so overwelming. I'm so independent and found it hard to ask for help. It was tough. 

During this time Cannon had developed a hatred for his car seat. We would leave the house every morning for work (he comes with me to the office) and he would scream the entire way. Same thing on the way home. Someone suggested a "big boy" (convertible) car seat and that helped a little bit. He also got a DVD player. I had always said he wouldn't have any screen time until he was older but I was at the point where I'd try anything to make him happy in the car. 
My big boy in his new seat. 

At nearly 11 weeks old we were at a doctor visit when I noticed him turning blue around his lips. They checked his oxygen stats and they were hanging around the 90's. We were sent directly to the hospital for an ECHO.
Sweet boy getting his ECHO. 
They gave him a little stuffed animal after his ECHO. Cannon really likes him. :) I appropriately named him Echo the Wolf and I think he'll be a lifelong friend. 

Thankfully my mom went to his doctor appointment with me that day. I would have been a mess if I were alone.

A few days later we had an appointment at Kosair to check on my little boy's heart. 

Cannon has a PDA and a PFO and both look to be closing. That was wonderful news! No need for invasive testing or surgery. Just monitoring for a few years. Dr Wright explained to us that his lips turning blue and the lower oxygen levels was caused by his reflux. Sometimes when he refluxes severely it can make him have a hard time breathing and such things can happen. 

But I know God took care of that problem for Cannon. I know God touched his tiny heart. I am so thankful and still get teary thinking about those few emotional days. 

A few days before our Kosair trip I had stumbled across a facebook page for lip and tongue tied babies. The more I read the more it sounded like they were describing my child. Almost all the symptoms on the list were issues we had dealt with from day 1. We made an appointment for a revision and I knew that this would solve all of our problems (reflux, gas, irritability). 

But sadly this wasn't the case. The dentist was fantastic and evaluated Cannon's ties. He said he would do the surgery but wasn't sure if it would help him much. He had both a lip and tongue tie but they were both minimal. I was shocked but still hopeful. 
We swaddled our sweet boy and I put him down on the table. I was in there with him but Tanner had to stay in the waiting area. The procedure consists of a pen that cauterizes the unneeded tissue and is only supposed to last less than a minute. The pen apparently connects to the push pedal by Bluetooth and after he began the procedure, the pen lost Bluetooth connection. So stressful. Tanner was sitting there hearing him scream not knowing what was going on. :(

I did the stretches (yes, you have to push on the open wounds several times a day four weeks) like I was supposed to and we sadly saw little to no results. 

We started seeing the chiropractor and that really did help him some. He was just so irritable and uncomfortable that he was in a constant state of motion trying to get in a comfortable position. That's how the doctor explained it and it really made sense because he moves all of he time. He's rarely still. 

His GI doctor gave me information on "coping with reflux" and told me that we had to have a good support system to survive this. I do believe she was right! 

We just kind of got used to the madness, I guess. He showed signs of improving around 4 months and we have been enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. Tanner and I said multiple times that this rough patch would be over soon. And if we had to endure a rough 4 months to have our precious boy, it was beyond worth it. 

I am thankful for our healthy boy. Even when our faith was tested time and time again, ultimately we have a strong, happy baby. Things could have been so much worse and I will never complain about the obstacles we had to go through. We sure do love and enjoy our life with Cannon. 


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