Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October {6 months old}

The sweetest boy in the world is growing fast, friends. He is a ball of fun, laughs a lot and totally enjoys his life! Cannon loves new places and new things, and I really love that about him. A little adventurous explorer!

His 6 month shots were a bit of a nightmare. Cannon didn't enjoy those at all! He held his breath for what seemed like minutes then screamed his little heart out. It really scared Tanner and of course I hated to see him hurting. 
He's a big boy!

We sure are glad that daddy got to come with us! 

Cannon started eating food this month, too! His first food was avocado followed by apples. I started out making his food but that slowly died down and he's on store bought food now. Hey, whatever works!
One of his first times eating. 

We have enjoyed doing Fall activities with friends and family. Every season brings more "firsts" for my baby and it's just so much fun! 

I wanted Cannon's footprints on a pumpkin, but little did I know the black paint would stay under his toenails for 3 weeks. Gross! But the pumpkin looked cute. :) 
My cute boys!

In his new pumpkin shirt! 
I let him chew on a starburst package for a few seconds and he thought he was really doing something! Haha!
Fun fall trips with big cousin Max!

We hosted a Halloween party for our boys and it was so fun to see all of them in their costumes trunk-or-treating. 
Sweet Ella and Cannon with Tanner. :)

Cannon went as "Farmer Brown" and our truck was his pumpkin patch. 

Halloween wasn't too great for my little lion. We had tried his costume on a few times and he loved it! But a mixture of tired and teething made our trick-or-treating short lived. He sure looked cute, though.

We dressed as Wizard of Oz with some super fun cousins!

I still can't get over how adorable the boys were. 

I'm a few months behind on blogging, typical Whitney style. But I'm getting caught up! :-) I love sharing updates with everyone but ultimately this blog is for my famjam to have as a keepsake. This is my scrapbook. 
Mrs. Brown and Co
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