Saturday, January 16, 2016

WDW 2015

We had planned on taking Cannon to Disney in March 2016 with my entire family, but we caught the Disney fever in November instead. I was a little nervous about taking Cannon at such a young age (7 months) but it turned out to be my most memorable Disney vacation to date.

We had a rocky start, though. Cannon's first plane ride was pretty scary. Once we left the ground an alarm started going off and a flight attendant was in total panic mode. Apparently there was a fire in the bathroom and the alarm was a smoke detector. After what felt like forever, the pilot informed us we were heading back to the airport we departed and will wait for a replacement plane. I was very nervous about the schedule change because I had planned Cannon's nap around the first flight where he'd sleep the whole trip. Luckily (totally kidding), we waited in the airport for 3 hours and he was ready to nap again by the time the other airplane arrived. 

We finally made it to Orlando!

We had a character dinner reserved at The Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends that we were running late for. We dropped our luggage off at Caribbean Beach and headed straight to Magic Kingdom. We were worn out from a full day at the airport and absolutely starving. Thankfully, Disney does it better than anyone else and they honored our reservations. Delicious food and the character meet and greet was a perfect way to start our trip. Not to mention Magic Kingdom at nighttime is probably my favorite! 

My boy hugged on all of the characters but Eeyore was his favorite. 

The park was opened late for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and we took advantage of the small crowd and short lines. We jumped on and off several of our favorite rides (Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo, Small World, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin) with little to no wait. Watched the fireworks show and the parade and left after 11pm. 

My boys enjoying the fireworks. 

Cannon was such a trooper. He actually fell asleep on Dumbo and missed the view from the tip top. 

Day 2 was split between Animal Kingdom in the morning (nap after lunch) and Hollywood Studios that night. We would take turns riding rides with the child swap program. We'd keep Cannon and Max while the rest of the group waited in line and rode the rides, then we'd use the child swap tickets and get right on the ride with little to no wait. Perfect! 

On Kilimanjaro Safari with my crew. Cannon was still very tired from the late night before but was such a good boy. 

Toy Story Mania

I really think my favorite ride at Disney is Toy Story Mania. I beat Tanner everytime but beating him with a baby in my lap felt pretty special. I like to win and I especially like to beat my husband. 

The next morning we were at Magic Kingdom bright and early. Even though I love the park at night, you have to see the castle while the sun is up. Never gets old! Cannon got his haircut at The Harmony Barber Shop and it was a fantastic experience! I'll write a separate post about that special day. That night we went to Disney Springs for some shopping and delicious food. We had supper at Splitsville and bowled at their bowling alley after we dined. Such a fun night. 

The guys.

And just to tell the entire story (I never like to leave any important details out): I came in 2nd place that night. 

The boys and their sweet Nana on the bus. 

On our last full day at Disney we slept in and  enjoyed our morning at The Caribbean Beach Resort. It's great when you can go to WDW with a very chill and relaxed schedule. We don't get upset if we miss a few rides that we would have liked to do, there's always next time. We skipped Haunted Manison somehow and didn't even realize it until we were on the way home. 

We went to Epcot that afternoon and Cannon met Mickey. Max isn't a big fan of meeting the characters but Cannon has loved Chuck-E-Cheese and Santa so I knew he'd flip to see the real live Mickey. And he did. He kissed Mickey's nose a dozen times. What germs? It's Mickey!!!!

Cheesein' with the Big Cheese! 

We went home bright and early the next morning. We got off the plane and went directly to work. Actually, we stopped by Chick-fil-a and my parents won a year of free food! So fun!

This was such a great trip with my family. Disney seriously feels like my second home and I do get homesick often. I think we'll go more often when Cannon can actually remember his fun experiences but I am so glad we took him at such a young age. He'll be like his Uncle J and myself, he'll grow up there. 
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